Day 6 Orgasm 7


Had a dream last night about welcoming a new man into my bed. It was a spontaneous thing. He was tall, slender and our bodies felt so good together, naked, skin to skin. I was running my fingers through his hair, teasing loose his long blond curls, when he shyly asked about me fucking him. This was such an unexpected and pleasant surprise, as I'd thought our coupling would be rather vanilla. I remember smiling widely and say why yes, I can help you with that.

He looked down, embarrassed to meet my eyes and watched me go get my equipment. Putting it on was a thrill even before I climbed back in the bed. He turned away from me as I climbed back onto the bed and presented a lovely round bubble butt for my pleasure...and his. I spooned up against the back of him and just hugged him, letting him feel my toy between his cheeks, letting him think about what it would feel like inside him.

I ran my hands over his back, urging him to relax. Then I ran a finger up the crack of his ass slowly and stopped right on his asshole, he shivered in surprise and trembled as I added lube there and pushed in with one finger. He growled with pleasure and it surprised me. I remember thinking that normally when I explore a man's ass with my finger or penetrate him with my strap-on, the sounds that come out of him go up in tone, not down into a growl. It was an interesting twist.

I pushed him over onto his stomach and entered him. With each stroke he kept growling, softly yet intensely. I'd never felt quite so much like an animal and had an urge to bite the back of his neck and grab his hair while I fucked him...which is when I woke up.

The dream stayed with me all day and got me off that night when in my fantasy world...I did grab those lovely blond curls and bite the back of his neck with him underneath me, my hips smoothly pumping into that gorgeous bubble butt. I fucked him hard until he came, his growls loud enough to wake the dead and his come spilling out over the covers underneath him.

I love dreams sometimes!


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