Day 18 Orgasm 20

Andrei Andrei
Andrei Andrei

Oh this one was quick and dirty.

After a long day I crawled into bed and skipped all the buildup stuff. I pictured a young, slender man with a head full of dark wavy hair, full sensuous lips and a round ass. I love long dark hair on a man. I love round asses. And full sensuous lips are just made for kissing. He was face down on the bed and taking my strap-on deep and slow. His head was thrown back with pleasure. His mouth open. I laid myself down on him and thrust into his ass, enjoying his moans. Enjoying the scent of his curls against my face and the feel of his ass pushing up for more underneath me.

That's all it took.

Heaven help me if I ever make it to Italy. I may never come home.

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