Day 20 Orgasm 23

Katherine Dinger
Katherine Dinger, artist

Yeah, baby!
I love two orgasm sessions. I'm having fun with my new toy - finally purchased an Eroscillator. I'm liking it! Takes some getting used to but it's like a kinder, gentler Hitachi. And kinder and gentler is what you need when you are going for 2...or more.

This one was good for 2.

I am the Queen in a kingdom. I choose the men I like the best and they serve me in the castle. They spend their days working out, getting their bodies pampered and making sure they are anally trained so that whenever I want them they are ready. Tonight I want to watch and I summon two of them. Relaxing on my bed I tell them what to do to each other and play with myself while watching.

I've chosen a stocky, dark, Mediterranean man with impressive arms and chest and a cock that is small when soft but ends up quite large when erect. The other man I've chosen is his opposite; slender, blond with little hair and bronzed skin. His cock is medium-sized and more of a shower than a grower. I tell them to start kissing and caressing each other and I can tell the blond one is surprised to see his partner's cock get so large. It's a good thing I insist on the men who serve me being able to take anal toys at least 8" long and 2" in diameter. The dark man's cock is just less than that.

First I have the blond fuck the dark one, bending him over the bed right near me. I tell him to fuck him hard and enjoy himself, take his time. He does exactly that and by the time he's ready to come the dark one's large cock is hard and dripping; ready.

"My Lady? May I?" The blond one asks my permission before he allows himself to orgasm. I scoot over to them and kiss the dark one deeply, reaching underneath him to grab his cock.

"Yes you may." I nod at the blond and he immediately speeds up and enjoys a sweet orgasm, groaning his pleasure.

Then I have the blond lay face down on the bed next to me and direct the dark one to open him up. He sinks his tongue deep in the blond's ass and fucks him with it. Fingers follow. By the time he can fit 3 fingers in he gets on his knees and pushes his cock into the blond's ass without much difficulty. Still, the size makes the blond swoon. He fucks him for a while and I tell him to stop.

Inspired, I retrieve my harness and largest dildo.. I want the dark one to feel what it's like to take something that large up your ass while he is fucking the blond one.

It's difficult, but I work the dildo in and now he's the one swooning.

We all gyrate wildly until everyone comes.

I like my Queen fantasies.



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