Day 8 Orgasm 9

I know, I'm behind, right? Though it's a lovely place to be under the right circumstances, I do apologize for making you wait.

However I have been making notes in my busy world so that once I had a moment to write this down I'd have all the information...

❤ We meet at a party of mutual friends. He is a big man. With shoulders that barely fit through doorways and hands like dinner plates. He invites me to come home with him, ignorant of, well, everything about my sexuality. I'm a little tipsy and we're talking in the car during the short drive to his place.

"So...what are you up for, Aaron?" No way I am going to be like most people and fall into bed with nothing more passing our lips than our tongues in each other's mouths. Of course, with me communication is essential. Not fair to spring the stuff I like to do on a guy with no warning. Could work out awesomely...and it could be a disaster, too.

"Up for?" Either he needed confirmation that I wanted to get explicit or he is not at all used to talking about sex with a soon-to-be partner.

"Yeah. What are you into?" That opens the kink door a crack, just in case he has anything stored in that room.

"Oh I don't know, I'm up for anything, really!" Which means either his kink is something he is concerned I won't like or he is actually pretty vanilla and shy.

This mountain of a man is in for a real surprise, that much is sure. I have restraints and my harness in my bag.  He has no idea.

He leads me into his bedroom and we are all over each other in an urgent, slow, intense way. He's so big I have to reach up to kiss him; unusual for me. I love thinking how I am going to take this man, take him and fuck him...and make him beg me to do it.

Without a word I pull out my leather cuffs and hold them up, smiling.

"Turn around," I say.

Surprise registers on his face but he laughs and does as I ask. He's naked to the waist and his chest is muscular and hairy. I fasten the cuffs onto his wrists and then to each other. Then I strip him completely...and myself. I'm leading him back into the kitchen when he starts to speak.

"Ruby, what's going on...." He stops mid-sentence when I turn and put a finger up to my lips and shake my head, laughing.

I  push him down over the kitchen counter and gently kick his legs apart. Then I reach between his legs and grab his balls gently, trailing my finger across his taint and reaching for his cock, which quickly hardens. I play there until he is thrusting into my hand and then I pull his cheeks apart and bury my tongue in his ass in a move that is perhaps a little abrupt but has him moaning with pleasure. My usual pacing is off a bit with my tipsiness. He doesn't seem to mind. I dig into my purse again for lube and a dildo. He is facing the other way and is enjoying my fingers in his ass, now. I stand at his side and have his hard cock in one hand and the fingers of my other hand in his ass.

The noises he is making are of wonder and surprise and amazement and desire. He is backing up against my fingers in a nice little rhythm. I take the lubed dildo in my hand and place it against his ass, waiting for him to allow me in. His cock is throbbing and he is swearing and talking to God a lot.

"What do you want, Aaron?"

The questions totally takes him by surprise.


"Tell me exactly what you want." He tries to back up against the toy and I retreat a bit, frustrating him. I can tell he wants to be filled.

"Oh God. Oh fuck. Just fuck me, please!"

I slide the dildo home centimeter by centimeter until he's begging again, more loudly. Mmmm. Begging never gets old.

I fuck him soundly with the dildo, deep inside his ass. It's not a large one so I use it with authority. I jerk off his cock at the same time until he yells loudly with the sheer intensity of his orgasm.

Coming down, he's laughing and having a hard time standing. I release his wrists and lead him back to bed. We cuddle and I take him into my arms, giving him time to recover.

There is just so much here to enjoy...his big fun body, his responsiveness, his nice girthy cock, his willingness to do as I ask. We will be up all night...❤


©Ruby Ryder



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