Day 28 Orgasm 32

Sometimes I like visual porn and sometimes I like written. Sometimes the nice interplay of words can bring such vivid images to my mind that I really do not need the visual; it's already in my head.

I particularly enjoy a visceral type of writing. I don't just want to know what they are doing I want to know why and how and how it smells and how it feels and what everything looks like. I try to write that way. And then I also do battle occasionally with the wordiness that can ensue when I attempt to draw such a complete picture of a scene.

I've been writing some darker stuff lately, my members can attest to that. And by darker I guess I mean stories with pain and retribution and violence and tears sometimes. The last story I wrote was about a man basically getting raped.'s fiction. So I give myself license to have the more violent fantasies knowing full well that I would never rape a man.

That's the wild part, though...because for me the fantasy of it is fucking hot. So it goes in the category of fantasies that will never be realized. And I'm quite comfortable with leaving it there, using it for fapping and writing, and making sure to give that particular fantasy its rightful place amongst the others.

I think we can all have a tendency to push away the socially unacceptable fantasies because it's so easy to judge them.  But that line is so important; that line between fantasies that stay fantasies, and the ones you want to bring about in real life (or perhaps already have). And I feel it is important to give those darker fantasies their due. Those are parts of us, too.  And as anyone who has begun to explore their fantasies knows, what you resist, persists.

So yeah. In my mind, I want to rape him. And of course he loves it.


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