Podcast #51


Pegging Paradise Podcast #51

❤ Another podcast already?

❤ His first hands-free orgasm and the emotions that followed.

❤ Ruby's got a sexy pen pal! She talks about it.

❤ Ruby reads their torrid emails...enjoy.

❤ Dildology.org - Offbeater Project – 6 days left – donate!

CatalystCon West - 3days left for earlybird prices!


2 Responses

  1. Why did you have to do that to me? The girl in the picture above looks JUST like a woman that I work with every day. I already thought she was attractive, but now I have to deal with a whole other level of distraction. So much for concentrating at work for a few weeks. For the record, fantasies like this should ALWAYS remain fantasies.

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