Erotica with Zach

Soldier Boy

by Zach with Ruby Ryder


I'm wearing my army uniform, walking through the door after spending two long weeks in the field playing soldier boy. You’re right there waiting for me. You throw yourself into my arms, hug me, grab my ass and give me a wink.

“I have a hot bath ready for you, soldier boy…”

“Mmm…perfect. Thanks, baby.” I communicate my gratitude with a soft kiss.

My uniform is soon in a pile on the floor and I am naked. I bend over and wiggle my ass in front of you while I pick up my clothes. Then straight to the bath, sink in and just relax. My eyes close and my mind wanders. The one thought that keeps returning is the fact that it has been two weeks and one day since you gave me a goodbye fuck. I get hard thinking about it. As the hot water surrounds my tired body I drift off into a fantasy of being taken by you once again.

I'm woken from my daydream by a nudge on my cheek. I open my eyes and there is a big fucking cock in my face and you’re wearing it! I look up at you and make eye contact, maintaining it as my lips slowly wrap around the tip. I give it a kiss, then softly bite the tip and shake my head no. Your eyebrows arch in question.

Insubordination! I stand up and step out of the bath. Soaking wet, I pick you up, carry you over to the bed and throw you onto it. You land on the edge of the bed on all fours. I smack your ass then spread your cheeks. You look behind you, laughing, but the expression on your face says what the fuck do you think you’re doing? I grin and bury my face in your ass.

My tongue finds its way to your sweet hole and greedily laps at it. One of my favorite activities is tonguing your ass. You try to turn around but I pin you down. You reach back, grab my hand, and lead it to your cock. I wrap my hand around it and slowly jerk it off while my tongue fucks your asshole. You moan and twist under me, reach back and grab my hair to pull my face deeper into your ass. I make noises of enjoyment between your cheeks.

You spin around unexpectedly and lie on your back, pulling me up to your face and kissing me deeply. Kissing the very tongue that was just in your ass. My cock throbs with the hotness of that, the nastiness of it. You pull back from our kiss and whisper in my ear.

"Listen to me very closely Zach...that was kind of cute; trying to act like you’re in control. But right now, you need to climb on to my cock, and fuck yourself. Now."

The sternness in your voice catches me off guard. My manly bravado fades. I let go of the macho attitude that accompanies me everywhere I go…except for here with you. Here I don’t need it. Here you own me…and I love it.

“I just…I ju..just…wanted to make you feel good.” The words come out of me with a stutter.

"I know. It’s okay baby. But right now…you have 15 seconds to sit on my dick or you are in big trouble."

My eyes dart around the room as you start counting....1...2... I leap across the room to your sock drawer and pull out the lube..7...8... I pour it all over your cock. By the time you get to 14 I have the tip of it resting against my ass hole. 15...and I slide all the way down on it, letting out a loud grunt.

You start gently fucking me immediately as I gasp and try to adjust to the invasion.

“You were trying to act all tough with me!” You’re fucking me soundly now and I can't answer you.

“But we know who's in charge, don't we...?”

I say nothing. You slam into me once, hard, and it takes my breath away.

“Don't we?”

“Yes Ma’am! Yes!” I fall onto your chest. You take advantage of the better leverage and start taking long slow strokes. You grab my ass cheeks and spread them, your fingertips feeling the cock as it slides in and out of me. The slow strokes penetrate me in a different way. They have a way of calming me, but driving me wild at the same time. I lay down, resting fully on you now.

I've always loved how, even as a 6’3” muscular guy I can relax completely against you without smothering you. You are a strong and tall woman, far from fragile. My arms wrap around your neck and whispers, curses and moans are spoken into your shoulder as you take me.

All my stress from the last two weeks fades as you fuck it out of me. No matter how tough my week has been, once you’re holding me, your cock slowly fucking my ass, after a while it all melts away. I'm taken into an other-worldly place. A place that holds my attention as singularly as a lit match. My world is now you, inside me, and the feel of you here with me. The feel of your soft breasts against my chest, the scent of your hair and your skin. Your hands on my ass, moving my hips back and forth. We fuck that way a long time.

You shift your hips and suddenly with each stroke you're hitting my prostate. It snaps me back to reality. I sit up a bit and you see my eyes widen. I spout off a chain of curse words I couldn't remember if I tried. You know exactly what you’re doing. I try to speak but nothing comes out but a high-pitched grunt. You give me a sly little smile.

“That's right...c'mon baby…” You take each of my nipples in your hands and roll them in your fingertips. My head tilts back and I moan loudly as you continue to pound away at my prostate. In just a few short moments, we meet eyes again. You know what's about to happen and you’re so proud of yourself you get carried away and pick up the pace.

I can't contain myself anymore and cum starts pouring out of my cock. You have always been so good at coaxing it out of me. The orgasms you give me from my prostate are like no other. They are long and rolling and intense. Cum runs down my cock and pools on your stomach. Every muscle in my body is tensed and flexed. By the time it’s over I am completely spent. I fall back onto your chest and hold you tight. You don't stop fucking my ass but you slow down to almost a stop. My cock twitches and quivers as it’s mashed between our stomachs, you slowly coaxing the last bit of cum out of me.

Now I'm nothing more than a quivering pile of muscle and sweat collapsed on top of you. It's been an hour and twenty minutes since I have been home. In one hour and twenty minutes time you have managed to take me from a testosterone laden soldier to the quivering, vulnerable man who is now clinging to you, your cock still gently gliding in and out of me. I envelop you completely in my arms. With my face buried in your neck you can’t really tell if I'm quietly moaning or gently crying into your shoulder from the complete emotional and physical release you just gave me. But both are good and necessary. You pull me tight against you, your hand on the back of my head.

“Welcome home, soldier.” Your words fall softly in my ear. I lean up just far enough to make eye contact with you. I hold your face in my hands.

“Thank you, Ma'am.” I kiss you deeply then rest my head on your chest and sink back into your arms.

I can't help but think...You have this way of peeling all back my layers of machismo and bravado. I can command an entire platoon of soldiers and lead them into combat. But an hour and twenty minutes with you and you have stripped me to my core. Until you, I had never found someone who can make me feel my absolute most vulnerable, yet give me so much rest and peace, especially when I feel I'm at my weakest. I curl up more into your arms, wanting to be so close to you. It makes me smile knowing that you’re as close as you can get...deep inside me.



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  1. Sweet Jesus, that was one hot story! The way she gave him a countdown for impaling himself on her cock was such a turn on for me! That woman is a keeper for sure.

    If this story is any indication for Zach’s other work, please do not hesitate to share it with us. By the way, an audio version of this, done in Ruby Ryder’s very own sexy commanding voice, just jumped right to the top of my wishlist for everything naughty.

  2. I really really adore his sexy & romantic perspective. His modesty & humility are incredibly attractive. Looking forward to reading more of Zach’s stories!!!

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