Erotica with Zach

Welcome Home

by Zach with Ruby Ryder

I'm in the shower. The water is just over the edge of being too hot. When it hits my back it leaves a sharp sting that I can't get enough of. That heat, that slow and steady wave of pain that turns my back a bright red, it's helping me prepare; to get in the right frame of mind. I close my eyes and prop my hands against the shower wall letting the water rain down over my back and neck.

I take a deep breath and look over at you through the steamy shower door. You're sitting there in a chair in the bathroom, your cock in hand, watching me get clean and prepare myself for you. It was a long hard day at work, but you know the best way for me to unwind is to put in a little more work, just for you.

As soon as I got home you had everything ready; the plug, the shower running. You always choose the temperature of the water. If it’s cooler I know I'm in for a long night of edging and teasing. Hot and I know you want it slow and sensuous. The water was hot. Hotter than it’s ever been. It hits my back like little needles. And the plug... hot damn the bought me a new one! Slightly larger than any I own. You made me wear it in the shower so I would be ready for you when I get out.

I'm just about done but I move so the water is on my ass for a bit. I know you will appreciate the sight of my bright red ass as I step out of the shower. I look back over at you again. You’re still sitting there, cock in hand. I can tell you're lusting after every inch of my body.

I smirk at you and you make a motion with your head that I know means to take the plug out. As I do I watch your face. I wince a bit as it slides out. Eyes locked on me, you bite your lower lip. I set the plug aside and you motion for me to step out of the shower. I do as you wish. Then you have me turn around. You admire my bright red backside. It's still sensitive. You reach out and lightly stroke my ass cheeks, then give one a firm, sharp slap. Still raw from the hot shower I bite my lip to avoid letting out a cry and embarrassing myself in front of you. Can't have you thinking I am a sissy boy who can’t take a little pain now, can I?

You stand up, take me by the hand and walk me over to the bed. You’re completely naked other than the large cock and harness you are wearing. Steam is still coming off my body. You lie down on the bed and pull me on top of you.

I let my body completely rest into yours, enjoying the feel of nothing more than just my flesh touching yours. The hot water made my skin extra sensitive. I feel every smooth crevice and soft curve. It instantly makes me hard. I bury my face inside the curve of your neck and shoulder. My hand finds its way to the back of your neck and I grab a fistful of hair. I start to bite your neck softly...always softly or I’ll get in trouble, I know that. I groan into your neck and pull your head to the side, kissing and sucking the soft skin there. My hips adjust and drop down as I try and slide myself inside you, even though your cock and harness are in the way.

I'm brought back to my senses with a sharp slap on my ass. The sting lets me know I was getting carried away. I stop what I am doing and give you a face that says sorry, ma’am. I pull my cock away from between your legs. I look up at you. You can see the look of relinquishment in my eyes as I struggle to not simply overpower you and ravish you right there.

With a deep sigh I sit up. I slide my hands up and down your gorgeous body for a while. Then I grab the lube from the nightstand and make your cock all slippery. Leaning forward, I move it to the entrance of my ass. I put my hand on the back of your head and pull you close to me. As we kiss I slide myself down on you and moan into your mouth. You pull my head in tight when I try to pull away, which makes me just breathe out a long, "ohhhh fuuuuuuck" into your mouth. Once I have you all the way inside me I wiggle around and get myself adjusted. You lie back and place your arms behind your head and smile.

“Ten,” you say.

I immediately know what it is you want. I start making long slow strokes up and down your cock. Once I slide all the way up and all the way down I say, "One Ma’am”....this continues until I get to ten. I make sure I keep it slow and steady. The entire time you lay there, hands behind your head just enjoying the show.


I start over and begin counting again. By the time I get to fifteen my voice is trembling a little. I make motions with my hands that let you know I want to touch my cock but you stop them in their tracks with just a shake of your head.


Now I start to get breathless. I lean forward a bit with my hands on your chest. My voice is shaky at best.


I whimper.

Thirty.” You repeat, more loudly.

“One Ma’am…two Ma’am...” By the time I am done my head is buried in your shoulder again. It's taking everything I have not to touch myself.

“Get up.” Your words are stern. I push myself up, your cock still lodged deep inside me. You grab the lube and squirt it on my shaft, grasping my cock in your hands.


This time I start counting down from sixty while you slowly jerk me off. I don’t know why I’m counting in the opposite direction but you don’t correct me. I ride your cock slowly. I know if I go too fast you’ll make me start over. By the time I get to one I'm begging.

“Please...please Ma’am...”

“Forty-five.” You show me no mercy.

I start at forty-five. I have to stop several times and concentrate my hardest not to cum. My voice shakes and cracks. I get to one and collapse back onto you, struggling to catch my breath.

With each exhale I whisper, “Please!” I stay that way breathing into your neck until I’m able to compose myself. I take three short quick breaths. Then I sit up and look at you with a sense of determination. You can tell I'm trying as hard as possible to put on my game face and man up. It's then you decide to completely break me. You begin thrusting into me. Immediately my eyes widen. Your hand grasps my cock and starts to stroke me at the same time.

"No! No! No!" is all I can get out of my mouth before I focus completely on my breathing and try not to cum. After just a few short moments I look down at you, and you can tell I have reached the point of no return. My eyes lock with yours but no words come out. All I can do is look at you and try to convey the fact that I’m sorry because I’m about to cum without permission.

Four words later and everything goes white. Just four words.

“Cum for me, baby.”

I was going to cum regardless but hearing you give me permission puts me instantaneously over the edge. I let out a loud guttural moan and slam myself down onto your cock. I shoot stream after stream of hot, slippery wetness onto your chest. A number of ungodly grunts and groans escape my lips. I spasm and writhe and bite my lip. As my orgasm starts to fade my groans turn to whimpers, I collapse on top of you, my sweaty body meeting yours.

The feeling of my cum spread in between our bare chests excites me and makes me feel even closer to you. It’s as if I'm melting into you. We stay locked in our embrace for a while before I slide your cock out of me. I roll over onto my back. You cuddle up to me and rest your head on my chest.

Your cock against my leg suddenly makes me blush.

I know before long I’ll be running you a bath and after you’ve had your time in the hot water I’ll make sure you come as many times as you desire. But in that moment, with your head on my chest and my ass still tingling, in that post-orgasm bliss where everything seems so much clearer, I'm content in the knowledge that although I am sometimes a beast of a man, you are absolutely my lion tamer.


9 Responses

  1. Second story, and yet another winner! Keep ’em coming, please!

    This story absolutely calls for a private reenactment tonight. Looking forward to stepping into the shower later …

  2. I just this morning found your website. We’ve been married for 43 years and it’s been about 20 since we shared anything like this. And, very honestly, I miss it terribly.

    I loved this story although I’m really not into the submissive side of the pleasures. I simply love my wife to have a cock and testicles for me to play with. And I wish she enjoyed playing with her cock and balls as much me.

    Thank you for a really enjoyable read. I’m going for more now! 🙂

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