Podcast #66

And sometimes it's ME who loves to be fucked...

Pegging Paradise Podcast #66

❤ Strapless, Shmapless!! Another couple misled by advertising...
❤ A listener from France wonders - isn't pegging too hard and painful as compared to prostate massage?
❤ Women with VCH piercings - any of you use a double? Do you take your piercing out?
❤ She questions his orientation even though they enjoy the pegging. Reassurance, please?
❤ How can her tell her he's into pegging? Ideas please!
❤ Equipment questions
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!!
❤ #1...From across the Pond!!! (Despite being another couple misled by advertising...)
❤ #2...He overcame his concerns about the vulnerability aspect, chose great beginner's equipment and she turned out to be a natural!
❤ Part 2 of the sex worker pegging interview coming soon....!



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