Podcast #74


  Pegging Paradise Podcast #74


❤ k.d. and Judy's story
❤ All silicone is not created equal
❤ Pegging Celebration Time
❤ The patient man is rewarded
❤ Walking around with a dildo in his ass...
❤ The Perfect Girlfriend writes in (podcast #73)
❤ Are your batteries killing your sex toy?



Mr. Will's House of Thrills - silicone article
Men's leather harness - Extreme Restraints
Men's leather harness - Stockroom
Batteries killing your sex toys?


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      1. Thanks Ruby 🙂 It gets to the point with love/trust, communication hopefully, and things flow from there. She’ll know how to make pegging pleasurable for both us, from all the times she enjoys receiving anal sex. Of course I learn a lot from receiving and giving as well, making it pleasurable for both on either end

  1. The above pic reminds me of a question I wanted to pose to you…any experience (yours or your listener/reader’s) with the RodeOh harnesses when it comes to wearing them with a double (Tango, Feeldoe, etc.)?

    I’m sure they’re a tad bit less secure than a 2 or 3 strap leather harness, but the ease of donning (and cleanup) make them an attractive option…

    Maybe they should send you a pair to review (either the TruHk or those designated PKG)?!

    Also, any tips on sizing or are the website instructions “true”?

    1. As far as I knew – although the RodeOh harnesses gets rave reviews, I thought they could not be used with doubles due to no hole in the back panel. I verified that some time ago when they first came out and as far as I knew they have not changed that. But doing a search on r/pegging brought up this. Not sure all of them are compatible or just some of them. Should be much more clear on the website (fire that marketing person!). It won’t hold the dildo quite as firmly as a leather harness but many people love them and it’s a matter of degrees. Size smaller to get a snug fit. Good luck trying to find out whether they are double-compatible! Let us know what you find out…

        1. Interesting. Once I clicked into the Truhk I saw their note that it is recommended for use with the Feeldoe or Share. But I have no idea what they are talking about with the PKG thing – couldn’t find that anywhere. And the funny thing is that that doesn’t mean it’s not on the website – just that it’s very hard to find…which means that they are likely losing a fair amount of business from people who are looking for harnesses for doubles.

          Sometimes I think I should have been in marketing.

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