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Masturbation Month



Welcome to May - the Month of Masturbation, à la Ruby Ryder!

May is the month when I post every single day, and tell you what fantasy was so deliciously running through my head when I got myself off the previous night.

For those of you who are curious about me, it is a rather unparalleled view into my head as far as what gets me off. I can see you readers looking back into the archives for May of 2012 (when I started this) and  May of 2013.

Enjoy. And see if you can keep up with me this year! Yes that's a challenge. Last year I had 34 orgasms in 30 days....


Let the Self-Pleasuring begin!!!


I'm going to start with last night's fun. To get a jump on things, ya know. Since technically it was about 2 in the morning.

So what was I thinking about last night?

I was thinking about a guy I have been chatting with but I have not met him yet. Military guy. Has done some self exploration but has yet to be pegged. He's hungry. For so many things. Intimacy. Connection. Pegging. Letting go of control. Being 'taken'.

I laid on top of him, kissing him hard, our lips joined seamlessly and our cocks fighting for room. He wanted me so badly, he was trembling. (Fuck I love it when I can make a man tremble.) But I made him wait. He was pushing against my fingers trying to get them deeper inside him, his legs drawn up to his chest. When I flipped him over and pushed inside him I whispered in his ear.

"This....Right here. This is what you wanted. Isn't it?"

"Yes...oh God yes. Oh fuck." His voice was deep and raspy. So many new things were happening to his body it was hard for him to talk. So he just moaned. Every time my thighs touched his ass he moaned and threw himself back against the instrument of his pleasure.  I grabbed his hips and fucked him hard.

He came with a roar. All over the sheets. All over everything. We slept in the wet spot and didn't even care. Cuddled tight until we fell asleep.


11 Responses

  1. While checking out some high heels on got turned on. Put my pink silicone prostate plug in and masturbated with loads of precum. Flexed my ass muscles and moved the prostate plug in and out slightly as I masturbated with more precum. Came nicely as I enjoyed wishing for more heels.

  2. Got home from work. Checking out Fetlife while enjoying podcast #83 for day #2 masturbation session of the month. Using eroscillator today with gpoint attachment on my prostate on low. I have a pillow under my hips to raise my ass and allow a good angle for the eroscillator. Very nice feeling, squeezing my ass to move the tip to the right spot. Getting closer with gobs of precum running down my penis. Turning the eroscillator to full I cum really hard all over my chest. Licking my fingers clean I end day 2 of masturbation month and clean up my toy.

  3. I didn’t even realize it was may already…, due to lack of a participant available….I used a simple egg (vibrating) and let my kind run astray, ……I was thinking about, a couple different ladies with whom, I would be all to eager to submit to for an evening of pegging……it worked far beyond what I expected,..I got so turn on & hungry….that I was fingering myself more in the shower than I was showering! Upon returning to my bedroom my fantasy masturbation session had me lying on my back feet up & and a dildo smashing my insides like a crazed porn star!! I had to force myself back to the job at hand..otherwise my insatiable asshole, would have gotten the larger tool it was asking for! A zucchini (9″x 2.75″)….damn you make me feel like a slut!!. 😉

    1. LOL! Blame does not need to be assigned, Bob. You are doing a FINE job of slut explorations all on your own! Be careful with the organic materials – they are not as clean as your toys.
      Welcome to May.

  4. Reading your story of pegging the military guy I visualize myself in his place and Mistress Ruby on my top grabbing my hips and fucking me deep and hard in my thoughts I ejaculated. So nice and sexy story

      1. Yes Mam your exciting story and beautiful sexy look with huge cock ready to fuck compelled me for multiple musturbation and resulting in ejaculation. The ecstasy felt by me can not be translated to words

  5. When I read it was ‘masturbation month”, it took me back a couple of years ago when I read your question: what would you do if two older gay men invited you to have sex with them and nobody would know”? That really tripped my bisexual curiosity trigger. So, in honor of Ruby’s Masturbation month, I stroked my cock today with olive oil thinking of what those two men could teach me in one afternoon! BJ’s, anal, kissing, sweating, tasting, smelling, enjoying….just letting it happen…taking my breath away. I had one of the largest orgasms all over my belly. I licked it up and swallowed it off of my fingers.

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