Day 5 Orgasm 5 and 6

Yeah baby! Last night I was inspired. Pulled out a new toy - a Fuze dildo - the Wilde. It's a sizable toy at 1 3/4" in diameter and 9" in length. The base of it is made to nestle between a woman's lips ( the other ones) and it has a hole for a bullet vibe. Last night I was just using the toy with no vibe. Checking out to see how it it felt. I used my fingers on my clit and came fast because I was watching spanking porn before I slid into bed.


In fact I came so fast that I wanted more, so I took my time and reached another orgasm...thinking about the young man who got bent over a woman's knees and paddled soundly. He was twitching and whimpering towards the end of his paddling. Then the woman pushed a butt plug into his bright red ass. She pulled his head unceremoniously into her pussy and he started giving her pleasure. Then she directed him to reach back and pull his cheeks apart with his hands while his mouth was still on her. She used a riding crop to hit the base of the plug over and over again. It was pretty fucking hot. 2 orgasm hot. Want to.

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