Podcast #91

Google Trends Pegging 10-14
Google Trends Pegging 10-14

Pegging - An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

Pegging Paradise Podcast #91


❤ As a Pegging Sex Educator - sometimes Shit Happens
❤ Bisexuality Awareness Week - Belatedly
❤ Cheap beginner toys = Tantus Grab Bag
❤ Width vs Length - he's puzzled why the shorter one is not comfortable
❤ Another smackdown of a substandard toy
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!!
❤ They are just beginning to really play, and it's awesome
❤  He's infatuated with her after 24 years of marriage - it's all about the pegging!
❤  He's finding more women into pegging than he expected on a dating site
❤  His anus clenches up when he's excited about pegging and won't let go. Not good when pegging doesn't happen. What to do?
❤  She's new at pegging, leans submissive and her BF is asking for dominance, and isn't allowing her a learning curve. Advice?
❤  Ruby has found her favorite Lube!!! Sliquid Silk!



Sliquid Silk Organic

Sliquid Silk - Regular

Njoy Purewand



4 Responses

  1. Hi Ruby,

    Love the blog and appreciate all the advice and information. Your podcast hit close when you mentioned your ex-bf who fell within some spectrum of bi/curious. I can identify with him in that I am romantically and sexually attracted to women, but experience sexual attraction and fantasies of men as well. I have no interest in dating a man, but see sexual activity with another man as another means of experiencing new and different sensations. Terms Ive seen to describe men include full-on bisexual, curious and heteroflexible. As Im sure you’d agree, the concept of three strict categories for sexual orientation is inaccurate. I think a more appropriate title may simply be “mostly straight.” I do think that there is a change slowly taking place to recognize the spectrum of romantic and sexual orientation, but like all things, takes time. Thank you again for leading the discussion!
    From a mostly straight guy,

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