Podcast #97


Pegging Paradise Podcast #97

❤ He takes to (wearing) her strap-on enthusiastically, and a good time is had by all.
❤ UCLA girls are into pegging! One of them is concerned about causing harm...
❤ She got the new dildo I recommended, used it and wrote a hot story about it for our enjoyment. (Oh - and that's her in the pic above... hot)
❤ Can you be a male dominant, get pegged and still be dominant? He thinks so. I agree.
❤ Astroglide and a jelly dildo is a place you don't want to go....like a chemistry experiment gone wrong.
❤ She's freaked out about poo and he's longing for anal in both directions. Suggestions?
❤ Chronic constipation makes pegging messy. Suggestions?
❤ What exercises would help most with pegging? She's pegging him regularly but wants to improve her muscle tone and stamina.
❤ Parts of the "can pegging cause eventual incontinence?" article are freaking him out. He's a power lifter and doesn't want any accidents. I reassure.

Totally Hot Tumblr Link!!!

Article - Can Pegging Cause Eventual Fecal Incontinence?
Article - Are Your Sex Toys Making You Sick?

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8 Responses

      1. Oh I was so happy to provide and I’m glad you two liked it! And I thought you would love to hear our current situation. He is actually no longer my boytoy and is now my boyfriend! With him being 21 and me being 43, it took a lot a lot guts to listen to my heart, but sometimes you just have to ignore social stigma and do what you think is best. So we said lets stop kidding ourselves about just being hook-up buddies, and after he graduated this fall quarter, we both signed the lease on an apartment and now live together. And looking at the situation it was hard not to say no. He works 9-5 at a well paying job, cooks, cleans, and is intelligent, ambitious, and caring. Not only is he incredibly gorgeous, but he has the personality I want, so why wait for someone else. And I have had some mixed reactions. But men have relationships like this all the time, and its seen as ok, so why can’t women? When we’re out in public holding hands and kissing, its almost like a big middle finger to gender norms and the sexists out there.

        In regards to sex, him using the dildo on me has continued to work great. And pegging has never been more intimate than it is now. However, there was a big issue I couldn’t get off my mind. I kept it to myself initially, but I just remembered communication is key, so we discussed it. Essentially, him using the dildo worked great, but I’ve found that there really is no substitution for the real thing. Now obviously this conflicted me, because I just agreed to a relationship and now I was suggesting going back to just being hook-up buddies and having other play partners. But he said no, we’re going to make it work, and pressed me further on the issue. So I told him when we were FWB, there was a guy I played with that kind of filled in that space that was missing between you in I. Basically this guy is very well endowed with great stamina which is what i need for PIV sex.

        We kind of sat on the issue for a day, and the next morning he tells me, I want to make this work more than anything, so if what you have with this guy is purely physical and just fulfills a sexual need, I have no issues if you want to occasionally spend time with him. I was so shocked, and we talked about it for a while but ultimately we both agreed it was a good idea. If anything, I’ve fallen more in love with him. It takes a lot to have that kind of trust and confidence in another person.

        So thats where we’re at now. I know this is totally an a-typical relationship. But I thought that this was a great pace to introduce some new ideas you our your readers may have not considered.

        All the best,

          1. I’m so glad you liked it! I know how you always post a picture along with the podcast and I love to send you one. Do you have an e-mail address I could send one to?

  1. Thanks for reading my story and posting my pic, my husband loved it!! He was almost as surprised as he was when I pegged him Xmas morning..lol.

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