Happy Heart Day!

Winged heart

Be sure to take care of your heart, as you walk through this life.

Feed your heart whatever it craves as often as you can. Flowers in a vase, a hike in the mountains, a long, soft hug with a friend, the flavor of crab legs with garlic butter as it meets your tongue, the exquisite peak of pleasure of a long-awaited orgasm, being held tenderly in strong arms. Whatever makes your heart sing - take those things and compose a fine collection of happiness like your own personal album of bliss. And play that album often.

Hold your heart gently and protect it from the awfulness in this world. But don't try to protect it from all the pain. Without the experience of pain, how will you know true joy when it wraps itself around your heart?

Don't make the mistake of living in the grey zone, in your quest to never cry the tears that rise up from the sharp angst of a hurting heart. Tears are the lubrication for your soul. Let them out often. And if you cannot, maybe if you find a trusted kinky friend to beat you, the tears will rise to the surface and leave you open and flowing instead of tight and hurting.

Listen to your heart closely. It has a deep level of knowing often missed by your mind. A heart in pain has so much to say, offers so many lessons to learn. Learn those lessons well, make the tears worth it. Find the shining truth amidst the hurt and embrace it.

Above all, when your heart is singing with happiness...be there. Be in that moment and take it all in, to every part of you. Smile as big as you can, laugh with abandon and marvel that life is so very amazing, and you get to live it.



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    1. Thank you! I am spending Valentine’s Day at home, with King Crab legs and garlic butter for dinner, along with a great bottle of wine. Catching up on my endless list of things to write, edit, podcast about and learn about. I’m good.

  1. This was your most beautiful and important post yet.

    Yes – your interest in the one thing (pegging) brings us here, but we’re all more than that.

    Very well done. Your heart, mind and soul are as alluring and enchanting as your sex.

    Looking forward to a great 2015 from you Ruby.

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