Day 17 Orgasm 20

I was at DomCon yesterday. A convention in Los Angeles at the airport Hilton for professional and lifestyle Dom(me)s. (I'd like to give a nod to the Hilton for their open-mindedness, for being willing to host a way kinky convention.)

Very close to the Hilton is the Sanctuary, a great dungeon where the main DomCon fetish ball was held. I went to the ball with a friend. He was looking for a beating. I did my best to facilitate that for him. It took two tries, but finally a lovely woman named Shauna gave his ass a workout.

Throughout the evening, my attention was distracted by a woman who was scantily clad, showing a lot of ass and legs. I love to look at women, but it is a rare one that arouses me. She was fairly short, with very short hair - a man's cut, basically. Her garters and stockings were a nice contrast. Totally objectifying this woman, her ass was amazing in that bubble butt kind of way. Her thighs were extraordinary as well; beautifully muscular and strong. I had a strong desire to kiss her and run my hands over her ass.

So what was running through my head last night before I went to sleep, and what sent me over the edge...

She and I were both wearing strap-ons. We had Mr. Hot Body between us. He was on his hands and knees, with me fucking him from behind. She was in front of him and he was sucking off her toy. She and I were leaning into each other, over the top of him...kissing.


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  1. And then she mounted his face and leaned towards you while you pushed his knees to his chest, penetrated his tender hole and resumed your kiss with her… ?

  2. I think playing with conventional sex roles is fun, and hot — I see face-sitting as equivalent to the ‘woman on her knees giving fellatio’ trope.
    There’s an element of dominance, mostly expressed by the male in our culture — “You’re here for my pleasure, and I’m going to take it.” Thus the face-fucking, gagging genre of porn.
    I’m all for women expressing their own passionate dominance, whether by pegging, face-sitting, or a few good smacks to his bottom.
    And that’s why I love you so much, Ruby! You’re my heroine!

    1. I like your take on things. I am in full agreement re the face-fucking thing. But then again, I am unlike the majority of women, who lean submissive.
      It’s kind of awesome to be a heroine!

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