Post Texas Report 5

So how was Texas?

Right. You all want to know. Of course you do.

This is the price I pay for allowing you into my private life. Because when the news is good, it's easy. But when the news isn't as good, it is harder for me to choose the right words, how much to say, how to say it. How to walk the line of privacy and information. You are all so sweet to care, so I do the dance of divulging enough to inform and holding back enough to allow a certain level of privacy for the involved (although unidentified) party.

Mr. Hot Body is dealing with about as much as a person can handle and then some these days, and has been ever since he returned from visiting me in California over Easter weekend.  The short story is that with all he's focusing on right now, he has very little time to engage in a relationship (especially a long distance one). There are other factors, but that's the gist of it.

So we still had fun for 5 days in beautiful Austin. But it couldn't compare to the sparkly-eyed long weekend we shared in April. It's complicated. And difficult. I don't relish the thought of holding space for a relationship which offers, for the time being, very little. And he's changing. His preferences are shifting away from giving up control in the bedroom to having it. No fault, here. Sometimes people change. So everything that was new and shiny and easy in April is now...not so much. He is such a good man that I hope, after a while, that we can be friends, even if other things don't work out.

On the brighter side, the class at Forbidden Fruit went swimmingly. I packed the place and the attendees were interested, appreciative and had great questions. If you live in the general Austin area and have not been to Forbidden Fruit, please check it out. Great store. Great resource for the kinky and sex-positive.

I was in Austin when the Supreme Court gay marriage decision was handed down. Sitting in Guero's at the bar eating fish tacos for lunch, the man next to me showed me how all the Uber cars on the map on his phone had little rainbows on them! It was a smiling, happy day in Austin. Not so much for other parts of Texas, but oh well. The courthouse in Austin (Travis County) was inviting anyone who was unable to get a marriage license in other parts of Texas to come on down and they'd be happy to help them in Austin. This was because the Texas Attorney General directed courthouses in Texas not to issue marriage licenses until his office got some "clarity" on the situation and how it affected people's rights of religious freedom. Apparently Austin laughed at that and did it anyway, as did every other courthouse in TX but one (well, I'm not certain about the laughing, but they did issue licenses). And that one courthouse who didn't is being sued by the lesbian couple who were refused a license. The couple may have the last laugh.

So that is the Texas report.

And that is why you have not heard from me for a while. I'm working on getting back on track.

Chin up and all that.


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