Day 16, Orgasm 11

So I am headed off to DomCon next weekend. It happens every year at the LAX Hilton. Bless those people at the Hilton for hosting such a wild and spectacle-filled convention. Professional Dommes and Lifestyle Dommes come together along with many other fetishists. There are rules as to what you can and can't wear in the public areas of the hotel, but the people watching is still superb, and different enough to regularly turn the heads of the other guests.

I'm going to be served this weekend by a big strong man who rarely submits to anyone...lucky me. His job will be to take exquisite care of me all weekend, and do everything I ask, within negotiated boundaries, of course. (Have I mentioned lately that I love my life?) I'm attending a Mistresses' dinner, play parties Friday and Saturday nights and then teaching two classes on Sunday.

I am having such fun planning surprises for the man who will serve me. Things he will do for me. Things I will do to him. Rope. Butt plugs. Restraints. And of course strap-ons...plural. 🙂 Part of the fun of being dominant is the planning. Sometimes the planning is so fun that I get off multiple times just from the planning!

Yeah. That happened.


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