Day 24, Orgasm 14


So the 15 minutes each day of giving myself pleasure? That was a little bit of a challenge during DomCon, but the massage was good for one day (Saturday) and a bath was good for another (Thursday)...and as I mentioned, Friday was certainly taken care of. (Sunday night was the two orgasm replay of Friday night memories. Last night was another bath, and playing with the ducky again.)

At DomCon, I felt sexy, alive and turned on, wherever I went. Hips swinging a bit more and a big smile on my face.

The other hotel guests tended to look askance at the DomCon people in our wild fetish wear and sexy outfits. I watched as women pulled their men to them possessively as if to say - don't look.

Coming back from Saturday night's party, which was way too crowded (good thing the fire marshal wasn't there...), my service submissive and I were in the elevator with a clearly not-kinky younger couple. Awkward silence. I was wearing over-the-knee boots, patterned hose, a leather miniskirt and a corset. Quite sexy, but somewhere in the middle in the range of wildness that presents itself amongst the attendees of DomCon, especially at the play parties. This couple in the elevator, though, they couldn't have known that.

I looked over at my service man in his suit and watched him pull the key card out of his pocket just as we reached our floor. We departed the elevator and the couple continued to a higher floor.

"You know what the assumption was there, don't you?" I smiled because he was so into service mode that I could tell he hadn't noticed.

"What do you mean...?"

"That couple on the elevator. To them, you were clearly the wealthy businessman and I was the hooker."

We laughed raucously in the hall at the misconception. My corset was loosened, boots removed and my feet massaged. I remember thinking, I could get used to this. And then I self-corrected, though still not out loud and thought to myself, I will get used to this, because this is the kind of man I am looking for.



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