Day 23 Orgasm 27

I'm proud that I am still ahead of the curve!! Like WAY ahead of the curve. This year, Masturbation Month is rockin'.

But not so proud that I am behind in my postings. Always gets to be a challenge towards the end of the month!

I am still enjoying the Lelo Ina 2, oh yeah. And the gay porn, oh yeah. And the arousal I get from putting my short stories down for you, too!

The overstuffed red velvet chaise lounge was so comfortable. She was glad they'd made that purchase a few years ago. She relaxed into it, pulling a soft black blanket around her nakedness, and took a sip of her whiskey. Glen Grant 10, it felt soft and creamy in her mouth, and warmed her throat.

She watched as her naked husband lit a fire in the fireplace. She sipped the whiskey he poured for her.

It was a 'show night'. He asked her when she called from work if she'd like a performance.

He loved putting on a show for her. Such an exhibitionist! He worked hard for the ripped body he had, and loved to show it off. The interesting part of his shows, she mused, was the way he always included some femininity. Each show was a little different, and every one of them turned her on. Typically she would take him into the bedroom and fuck him afterwards - so she realized there was a lot of incentive for him to perform.

He spread a large blanket on the floor in between her and the fireplace. She smiled when she saw the toys he brought out. Two Njoy butt plugs. He turned on music with soft, sexy bass beat and then disappeared into the bedroom.

He returned to the living room with a long ruffled red silk scarf tied around his neck, left to flow and dangle against his hairy chest, against the spectacular abs he possessed. A red satin thong covered half of his hard cock. The red lipstick was a surprise. He danced for her, in a manner that embraced both masculine and feminine moves. Sexy as hell. She sipped her whiskey with one hand and played with her clit with the other.

Once she caught him watching Magic Mike dance scenes over and over, getting ideas. She loved that he was an exhibitionist, and occasionally thought how much her girlfriends would enjoy these shows. He only wanted to dance for her, though. It has taken him 2 years of being with her to start the shows. He was afraid of her reaction, and thrilled when she encouraged the idea.

At one point he turned around and swung his ass provocatively at her, running his hands over his tight ass. Her fingers sped up a bit at that sight.

Finally he lay down on the blanket and inserted the smaller plug, locking eyes with her as he did and moaning with pleasure. Then up dancing again for a while. After a while he switched out the smaller plug for the larger one, making even more noise as he inserted it. That was when she had her first orgasm, and his red lips curved in a smile as he watched her come.

He came over to her and presented his ass, allowing her access to the plug, which had a loop on the end of it. She fucked him with it and he made lovely sounds of pleasure.

She downed the rest of her whiskey and got up, grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom, where he'd laid out her strap-on. He helped her into it, fitted with his favorite dildo. She removed his plug with a pop, and pushed him onto the bed; her need to possess him was strong after all that teasing.

She fucked him long into the night, over and over again. She devoured him and kissed him until nothing was left of the sexy red lipstick. He submitted to her without question, asking only for lube and letting her know when a position became uncomfortable. He usually had an orgasm or two in this manner, and that didn't mean she would stop fucking him. He had to relax past the post-orgasmic sensitivity and just go with it, which he discovered he could do, with practice.

The next day, her body would be sore from the workout of fucking him. His ass would be sore from all the fucking. He told her that after a night like that, he felt readjusted somehow from the hyper-masculine existence he experienced in everyday life as a cop. His dancing and small expressions of femininity followed by all her fucking helped him feel more balanced as a person. The first time he told her this, she immediately saw the truth of it.

His exterior and his job caused everyone around him to expect nothing but constant masculinity and control. With her, he could let out his feminine side, the one that people couldn't wrap their heads around, the one that they would judge him for. The way he allowed her to see all of him was such a gift, and filled her with so much love for him. Not what she expected when she married him, but better than she could have ever imagined.

So when he requested a show night, it wasn't just about the lust, which she certainly had for him. It was also about enjoying that space of allowing and unconditional acceptance. She took great joy in embracing her masculine on those nights, drinking her whiskey and fucking him until she couldn't move anymore.

Show nights were her favorite nights of all.


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    1. Often I write about the kind of relationship I seek, yes. Glad it resonates with you. I also write what I hope for, for others…that complete acceptance and openness with your partner. If only more couples opened up to each other instead of holding their whole selves so tightly for fear of rejection, there would be many happier people in the world.

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