The Boundless Experience

Well. I just returned late last night from attending Boundless, a kinky weekend-long retreat in Northern California.

I found out about Boundless due to a chance crossing of paths with a man on His profile photo was of him in a flashy, cream colored suit. I complimented him on the suit and a conversation began. He's a writer, and his facility with words engaged and delighted me. After some fun exchanges, at least one of which mentioned chocolate, he wrote, "You should come to Boundless". Investigation and discovery ensued. I had never heard of Boundless.

A couple of years ago I attended a kinky camping trip close to where I live, and really enjoyed the remarkable sense of community I experienced there. Ultimately I decided that the no showers and dirt did not mix with the type of kinky weekend I really wanted to have. So this was in the back of my mind when I researched Boundless.

Initial points of interest:

  • Cabins as well as camping options
  • Pool and hot tub
  • Flush toilets and hot showers
  • Clothing optional!
  • They fed you all weekend

Clearly this warranted further investigation. When the man whose skillfulness with words was only exceeded by his extensive vocabulary (creating a synergistic word party in each of his messages) informed me that if I'd like to present at Boundless, I'd get a free ride, I was already close to being hooked on the idea. I would still have to get there and pay for whatever accommodations I chose, but the rest would be gratis in exchange for teaching.

I sent my proposal to teach. They accepted! I spoke with Heather who asked me if rather than teaching two classes, beginning and advanced pegging, could I just teach one? Could I read the skill level of the attendees and tailor it to them? Absolutely. My arm practically slipped back behind me for Heather to twist it as we were talking on the phone. Seriously? 90 minutes of teaching for an entire weekend? Wow. Quite generous of Boundless.

The online registration, presenter free ticket code and cabin reservation went flawlessly. Presenters are given first choice of accommodations, another awesome perk. I chose a cabin with a queen size bed, feeling optimistic.

So there I was, ready for an adventure. Now to find someone to serve me while I was there. What I envisioned was a male service submissive who would bring me coffee every morning, massage me, fetch me whatever I needed, and ideally be someone I wanted to play with as well. Boundless has a 2400 square foot dungeon. Scenes of beating a sweet ass filled my imagination. Hopeful scenes of fucking said ass later back at my cabin danced around the edges of my hopes for the weekend, as well.

I knew that putting an ad in for a complete stranger to spend a weekend at a kinky retreat and sleep in a small cabin with me was the height of a crap shoot. But I also knew that if the right candidate failed to manifest, I would still be quite happy using the weekend as a personal writing retreat, while staying open to possible pickup play or spontaneous encounters.

I received a few messages of interest, but none of them felt right. It was looking like a writing retreat.

Then, eleven days before the event, I got a message from an intelligent, articulate man who had tons of experience with kink, in dungeons, being a service submissive, and taking care of the needs of female dominants. We talked on the phone and it felt like a real possibility. He gave me a reference upon request. I connected with the reference, who had only good things to say about him. He and I negotiated, and discussed what we'd do if things did not go optimally. We had those contingency plans in place before I agreed to go for it.

Major plus, he would drive me there. He picked me up on Thursday afternoon. Good looking guy. He drove me part way up to the retreat, where we spent the night at my friend's house to break up the drive a bit. Ventura to Ukiah is a long drive - at least 8 hours, and he'd already driven 6 to get to me. We went out for dinner and I began to see that my sub was the kind of guy you could take anywhere. He was polite, engaging, interested and easy to be with. That bode well for the weekend.

We made the rest of the drive on Friday and finally arrived at Boundless around 8pm.

The lovely folks at the check-in area asked for our IDs and our phones. After identifying us with our IDs, they carefully placed small pieces of neon green tape over both our front and back phone cameras, and gave us back our phones (they were serious about no photos). They read us the rules out loud, and bade us have a great weekend. We got to work unloading, and getting things arranged in the cabin. We finally made it to the lodge for a late dinner. Everything tasted so good that first night, and I was delighted to find that consecutive nights followed suit. The kitchen staff performed a fair bit of magic, making food that was consistently good for nearly 200 people.

Some parts of the weekend that stand out in my memory...

❤ My submissive bringing me coffee Saturday morning. I love the feeling of being served the moment I awaken.

❤ So many people were naked, nearly naked, costumed and decked out in fetish wear. The retreat center was already a visual delight as far as the eyes could see; a stunning rustic paradise. The eclectic mix of people, creative outfits, colorful hair and nakedness simply made the place more beautiful. I openly admired so many people who were reveling in their sexiness, and playing in a myriad of ways.

❤ Fetching male submissives sometimes appeared, chained or tied to poles or tables outside the main lodge when meals were being served, with accompanying written messages giving blanket permission for spankings or other play. Nearly made me miss a meal once. Okay, maybe twice.

❤ The class I taught had 40 people attending! Delightfully, some were naked. That was my first time with naked students, and also my first time teaching in a yurt. My submissive anticipated my needs while teaching uncannily. That was a delight all in itself.

❤ We were leaving a relaxing visit to the large, in-ground hot tub, and walked past a couple playing. He was tied to a massage table on his back and blindfolded. She had a magic wand on his cock and he was making delightful noises as we passed by.

❤ So many memorable scenes in the dungeon that they blur together a bit. Great energy there, an excellent, wide choice of equipment, and good music. The dungeon was very available for play, so pretty much anytime you might be walking through to the bathroom, a scene could be going on. In fact I walked in at 7:30 one morning, fully intending to take a quick pee and go straight back to sleep. I was surprised to discover an enthusiastic pegging scene going on. Her fucking was wringing lovely moans out of him. Awesome way to start the day!

❤ In the cabin, my sub was on his hands and knees and backed up to the bottom edge of the bed. I was cropping his ass. I spontaneously decided to open the wide cabin door and make the scene public. One woman was sitting at a picnic table nearby and I waved at her, watching her attention shift to our play. He felt the cool air on his ass and I told him we were being watched.

❤ We played through dinner and sheepishly showed up at the door to the kitchen at 11:30, begging for leftovers. Turned out that was the night of gourmet toasted sandwiches! They started with Gruyere grilled cheese and it only got better from there. The avocado toast with cilantro cashew dressing was to die for. The nutella and sliced strawberry toast was also taste bud orgasm-worthy.

❤ The hugs. This part was delightful; I received so many long, soft hugs! Never have I encountered so many people in one place who were such great huggers, whether it was hello, goodbye, or best of all, both. The deliciousness of those extended embraces is vivid in my memory. Oxytocin! Mmmm.

❤ I took great delight in answering pegging questions all weekend. I offered that on the first night, and was glad when people took me up on it, asking questions over meals, in line for food, in the bathroom, everywhere! I wanted to be an open source of information for everyone and loved that people brought me questions.

The weekend was in short, truly amazing. I owe special thanks to the man in the beautiful suit, who invited me. I also have a lot of gratitude for my service submissive, who did an exceptional job accompanying me in just the manner I prefer. The improbability of things turning out well for us made it even better when they did. We had so much fun!

I felt comfortable. I felt welcome. I felt appreciated. I felt titillated. I felt pampered. I met awesome people.

After all that, is it any wonder that I can't find a way to recommend Boundless enough?

Seriously. They already have it booked for next year, and I plan to be there.

Come join the fun.


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