Day 15 – Baby Steps

They were having a grand romp together, naked, sweaty, hard and slick. She climbed on top of him and slid down onto his cock. It was fucking delicious. And it was about to get even more delicious, Anna thought.

She could feel when Daniel spotted him across the room. He started a bit and then realized it was someone he knew.

"Hey, Carlos! What are you doing here...?"

Anna just turned around and greeted him.

"Hi Carlos!"

Carlos just nodded and got undressed.

Anna got back to the business of fucking Daniel.

"Honey...Ummmm...why is Carlos here?"

"Ssssh!" She shushed him and kissed him to stop the words from coming. She slid back and forth on his cock. His hands gripped her ass and she could feel his urgency...but also his distraction.

"But, Anna, why is he here?" He broke their kiss and threw the words out quickly in a whisper. She sighed and stopped moving.

"Because I want him to be, Daniel. He's just going to watch us tonight. Then we'll all get dressed, be civilized, go out and have dinner together. So give me a good fucking, because Carlos is watching!" She giggled.

He'd wanted to explore his bi-curious side, and Anna had been helping him with that. They'd talked about it a lot, but hadn't done anything yet. They'd even agreed that Carlos, a member of their kink community, would be the perfect guy for it. They'd gone so far as to approach him and discuss it with him. Consent was obtained from all parties. Carlos just told them to let him know when they wanted to get together.

But Daniel kept saying he wasn't ready. Lately he'd gotten the feeling that Anna was frustrated with his snail's pace of progression towards this fantasy. She had everything in place and wanted it to happen.

She was frustrated. This was her fantasy, too! The thought of watching two men together was a total turn on. And they were so close to having that fantasy happen! So she invited Carlos to come over and just watch. She left the door unlocked for him. Rules were, he could get naked and he could jerk off, but no touching, just watching.

Daniel enjoyed being watched at play parties. He and Anna had fucked in front of people before. Guys had jerked off watching them, too. But this was their home, and this was Carlos - the guy he was thinking about exploring with! He didn't know what to think or how to feel about the situation. Carlos smiled when Daniel glanced over at him. He was jerking off his sizable cock, the one Daniel dreamed of having inside his ass someday.

Anna leaned into him while she rode his cock and spoke loud enough for Carlos to hear, too; he wasn't sitting that far away. She timed her statements carefully, with about 20 thrusts onto Daniel's cock in between each sentence.

"Listen to me, Daniel. Baby steps."

She rocked on his cock.

"Tonight, he will watch."

More strokes, slower and deeper.

"Next week, he's going to fuck me long and hard while you watch." Daniel's cock surged at her words. He loved being a cuckold.

Anna could feel Daniels cock pulsing inside her. He wouldn't last long at this rate.

"The week after that, he's going to fuck me while you two kiss." Daniel felt butterflies in his stomach at the thought.

While she rode him she stared right at him, and was delighted to see him look over at Carlos.

"The week after that, you're going to suck his cock while I fuck you." Oh God! The thought of that drove him crazy! He'd jerked off to exactly that countless times!

Anna gripped his cock with her pussy purposefully, to crank up the intensity of her next words.

"And finally...the following week, you are going to have your face buried in my pussy while Carlos slides that beautiful cock deep in your ass, my love." Daniel exploded with a cry, deep inside Anna.

Carlos sprayed come over his chest and came with a groan, moments after.

Anna rubbed her clit furiously and  joined them, gasping and grinding on Daniel's cock until he couldn't take it anymore.

She smiled. Everything was going exactly according to her plan.

Baby steps.


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