Day 17 – Nurse Letty

Rob wasn't happy when Doc told him he needed a tonsillectomy. One too many cases of strep throat apparently. He decided to schedule the surgery when his girl, Letty, was on spring break from school, so she could take care of him. Doc said it would be a couple of weeks recovery time.

Spending a couple of weeks with Letty sounded like heaven, even if he wasn't feelin' his best. Damn that girl was somethin'. Smart as anything, studying to be a dental tech. She was one of those types who was always prepared for, well, everything. She studied long and hard before she took her tests, turned all of her homework in on time, and knew before he even opened his mouth that he was going to ask her to move in with him, like she had a sixth sense.

She had that talent in bed, too. With God as Rob's witness, he'd never opened his mouth to anyone about his fascination with his own ass. But the first time he and Letty were doin' the horizontal tango, Letty surprised the hell out of him. She switched things up and wrapped those fucking amazing lips around his junk instead. Well, he certainly wasn't going to complain. Lips on his junk was high on his list of favorite things, after all.

She had him wiggling around on the bed in no time flat. Damn! She was using his cock as a handle to keep him where she wanted him. She'd lick his cock, tickle his balls, and jerk him off, over and over, that same pattern. Then she upped the ante and deep-throated him. Whoa!

The real surprise came when she was teasin' the head with her lips and tongue, but not enough to get him there. Then she looked up, right into his eyes. He'd been watching her play with his junk. She took her mouth off him for just long enough to slip her middle finger in and get it all wet with spit. Then her mouth swallowed his cock again and that finger snaked back to his asshole and began playing around there!

Rub shut his eyes and moaned. He wasn't going to tell her to stop, because he loved it! But he was too embarrassed to keep lookin' at her while she had her finger on his ass. How did she know he liked that?  She teased the fuck out of him, never pushing it in, until he thought he'd go crazy from the wanting.

Only then did Letty grab a little bottle of lube he never saw until that point, put some on her finger and slip it deep inside him. She completely let go of his cock. No hand, no lips, no tongue, nothing. My fucking GOD he wanted to come! She teased his ass and fucked it with her finger, but wouldn't touch his cock. She shook her head and slapped his hand away when he reached for it.

Finally Letty simply made him ask.

"You don't get to come until you ask nice, Robbie." Her finger stroked that fucking magic spot he'd found inside his ass and he gasped.

"Oh! Oh!......What?" His voice sounded desperate, even to him.  He hated it. But it seemed like Letty loved it.

"Just ask for it, babe! Say, 'Please Letty, can I come now?' Or so help me you will never get to bust this nut!"

Well, there it was. She gave Rob no choice. And the way she phrased it turned him on like nobody's business. He only changed one word.

"Please Letty, may I come now?" His mother taught him to say 'may I' and it just came out that way.

"You may, Robbie." Her finger went wild in his ass and she took his entire cock down her throat again.

She made him blow his load, alright, hard and desperate-like, makin' a shit-ton of noise! She blew his mind, too.

After he recovered, he made abso-fucking-lutely sure he satisfied Letty in every way he knew how for the next 2 hours straight, and then asked her if there was anything else she wanted, just to be sure. He wasn't going to make any mistakes with this woman.

As the months went by, they progressed from fingers to toys pretty quickly. He figured out how to make Letty squirt. They explored and enjoyed each other every chance they got. Letty was the one to suggest the strap-on. He blushed and looked at the ground.

"What, Robbie? I know you like it, babe..."

"I do. Just please promise me you will never breathe a word of it to anyone. Ever."

"Never, I swear it. Of course I wouldn't! What we get up to is nobody's business, Robbie." She looked serious.

So they bought one, and Rob's ass started getting the fucking of his dreams. Regularly! He loved this woman, and when they got busy the world stopped turning for a while.

Rob was pretty sure he wasn't going to get fucked for a while after surgery, though, so he rubbed one out in the bathroom before he checked in, just as a precaution. It helped him relax. The tonsillectomy went well and Letty picked him up from the hospital. She already gotten the prescriptions he needed and filled them, so they went straight home. She gave him a pain pill and tucked him in for the night. The doctor said he'd be pretty out of it that night but should be fairly alert the next morning.

When he woke up, Letty wasn't in bed with him and his throat was pretty sore. There was a small bell next to the bed; she'd thought of everything! He picked it up and rang it, wanting a pain pill and some liquid to swallow it. He felt fine, except for the throat pain.

He got the surprise of his life when Letty walked in. She was dressed up in some crazy-ass sexy nurse outfit! Her tits were on display and she had stockings on, too! He didn't know what to think. And then he saw her cock! Holy crap, was he seeing what he thought he was seeing? Or was he still loopy from the surgery drugs?

She was acting like everything was totally normal and she was just there to take care of him. But there was a pretty big and a little too real-looking cock hangin' out of her nurse's outfit like it fucking belonged there!

Talking hurt, so he pointed at her cock and then gave a hands up WTF gesture, wide-eyed.

"What? Oh...this?" Letty smiled deliciously. "This is for your therapy, Robbie. Nurse Letty's orders. So take that pain pill and then get your ass in the bathroom and clean out, because this is going to be a part of your daily recovery for the next two weeks. It will help your circulation." She nodded as if to give her claim more truth.

That is exactly what happened. Robbie awoke every morning, and couldn't wait to clean out for his 'therapy'.  Letty fucked his ass every day! She only wore the nurse outfit for the first three days, until it fell apart. It was a cheap Halloween costume. After that he never knew what she would wear. One day she put on his shirt, slicked her hair back, drew a mustache on her face and fucked with his head, slipping her cock out of the fly of her jeans. He loved all her outfits, but honestly she could have worn anything or nothing at all. Getting fucked by Letty every day was a generous slice of heaven.

After a week, he felt good enough to start returning her attentions later in the day. He even surprised her and strapped on her cock one night to give her a longer, harder ride than his cock was capable of at the time. Those two weeks were a-fucking-mazing.

2 years later he and Letty were engaged. And if anyone mentioned a tonsillectomy or anything about nurses, Rob couldn't help but get a very wide smile, and make an effort not to replay those two weeks in his head, unless he had time to bust a nut. The guys at work never did figure out exactly why Rob was so happy after his tonsillectomy.


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