Day 19 – Tell Me Your Secrets

I strained against the ropes, begging with her. She had me so cranked up, Jesus!


I was lying on my back on a sturdy stationary massage table, beside myself with a desperate need to come.

Before I'd even gotten on the table, Sheri bent me over the side and matter-of-factly inserted my favorite ass plug. Then soft leather cuffs were fastened around my wrists and ankles. She attached my ankle cuffs to a spreader bar. My wrist cuffs were attached to each other, and rested on my stomach.

Sheri thought of everything; a small pillow under my head to support my neck, and a bolster under my knees. Once she had all that set up, she took a long length of thick silky rope and wrapped it repeatedly around the table, effectively eliminating my ability to move. The rope went through the tie downs on the spreader bar, the loops in all my cuffs. Yeah, I couldn't move. The sensation was delicious, and I relaxed into it at first.

Setting it up had taken her a bit of time and she let me watch. Then she put a blindfold on me.

That's when my torture started. She lubed up my cock and teased it repeatedly, just hard enough to titillate and excite, rarely touching the head. Then she'd take her hand away and turn on the vibrating plug in my ass. Occasionally she'd come up to the top of the table, kiss me and play with my sensitive nipples. Then back to my cock. My nipples. The plug. I lost track of time, and turned into a writhing thing of need.

So close to coming. Unbearably close. Once Sheri realized she'd gone just a bit too far and saw my muscles tighten in that way they do right before I come. She grabbed the head of my cock and squeezed just hard enough for it to be painful. That shut down my orgasm, pronto, and almost made me cry.

I felt like I'd been laying there forever, hoping each time that this would be the time that I'd get to come, and getting disappointed each time, but loving it.

Then I started begging, and she was deaf to my pleas. She just laughed in response, and kept playing with me.

Finally she got up right next to my ear. I could feel her hot breath.

"Tell me one of your secrets, Miles." This was a game she played. I was always reluctant, but she made it the price I paid to have the orgasm I so badly wanted. She made it clear from the first time she did this to me that the information I divulged needed to be honest and real. What did I jerk off to that I'd never told her about?

Her hand began to stroke my cock again and I flinched at the touch. I was so fucking sensitive at that point.

"Oh! Jesus, Sheri!"

"I, uh...I've always wanted to try...well..."

She stopped stroking me. Her fingers danced over my sore balls. I so needed to come!

"You can do it, Miles. I know you can, babe." Her voice was soft and persuasive, sexy as hell.

"I've thought about you fucking me''

She turned on my butt plug and I squirmed.

"...having a guy...well...suck my cock."

"Mmmmm. That's so fucking hot, Miles! Well done, my love!"

Suddenly my butt plug was turned up, sending exquisite sensations through my entire body. The teasing was over! Sheri's lips and tongue captured the head of my cock and I started at the sensation. It was intensely warm, soft and all-encompassing. Her hand jerked off the shaft and synchronized with her mouth into a beautiful dance of sensation. She'd teased me for so long I wasn't sure if I could come. Sheri seemed sure.

I felt the tingling way down deep and knew it was coming. Sheri kept up the dance with my cock, relentlessly, and her other hand flicked my nipples. That's what sent me over the edge.

I roared with every spurt of come that left my cock and flooded into her mouth. Jesus, it felt so fucking good! I'd never had orgasms of this length and intensity before Sheri started edging me.  Never even knew they existed. The waves and spurts and spasms went on and on.  Sheri's hands, lips, tongue and that damn plug kept going even after my orgasm was over. She wasn't stopping and things suddenly got way too intense.

"Ahhh! Sheri! Okay, okay! Please stop!"

Again, my begging fell on deaf ears. The intensity was almost painful and still kind of pleasurable, but too pleasurable, too much! Everything, everywhere, was SO sensitive!

Sheri had never done this before, and I wondered what the fuck was going on.

And still she kept going. There wasn't much I could do about it. I was tied down really well to that table!

Finally I started letting out little screams in a high-pitched voice that totally embarrassed me.  The plug turned off and her tongue stopped torturing the head of my cock. She let go of me slowly, while I twitched uncontrollably. My entire body was pulsing with waves. She came up to the top of the table and kissed me, sharing my come with me. So fucking hot. I felt my cock jump, even after all he'd been put through.

She pulled the plug gently out of my ass and cleaned me up with a soft towel.

The untying went slowly, releasing all the cuffs and ropes until I was free.  Only then did she remove the blindfold, and I kept my eyes closed; the light was too bright. She helped me off the table and onto the bed, wrapped me in a warm fuzzy blanket and big-spooned me.

Everything still pulsed. I was exhausted. Spent. Done. Her arm around me felt good; the warmth and presence of her behind me was comforting. I faded off to sleep pretty quickly.


Sheri smiled. Miles was snoring.

She gently moved off the bed and quietly went into the bathroom.  She pushed her hand underneath the big stack of towels and retrieved the small notebook and pen hidden there. She opened it and began to write.

3) Get fucked by me while getting a BJ from a guy.

She smiled and closed the book, placing it with the pen back under the towels.

They had so much time to explore.



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