Day 5 – Urban Living

Urban living agreed with Mike.  There was something he loved about being able to walk out his door and find pretty much anything he needed within a 4 block radius. He especially loved it on Saturday mornings. Walking to Starbucks, sitting outside and enjoying that first cup of coffee with the morning news on his laptop; that was his Saturday morning ritual.

Standing in line this particular Saturday morning, he reflected on other things urban living could provide. Premium people watching.

He stared at the woman in line ahead of him. It was 9 o'clock in the fucking morning. Who wore blue metallic short shorts at this time of day? Sarcastically he thought - day wear. Kind of like the walk of shame, wearing the outfit you wore to the club last night because you ended up spending the night with with someone - unexpectedly.

She had a great ass, though. No denying that.

Then she turned around. What the ever loving fuck? That was a dick, sure as shit, or maybe a strap-on.  He couldn't take his eyes off it. She noticed, and smiled. She even traced the outline of her cock with her fingers briefly, in a Vanna White kind of gesture.

"Good morning!" She said, with a chuckle.  He woke up and stopped staring rudely. In that moment he thought, hey, you dress like that with equipment like that and you are asking to be stared at. It was hot as fuck!

"Morning." He replied, self-consciously, lifting his eyes to take in her pretty face and a pair of lips that could go on for days. Wow.  He didn't care where she'd come from, whether she'd spent the night at someone's place, or whether that cock was real or not. It made his ass twitch. It made him want to feel filled up, fucked. His cock started to get hard.

"May I buy you a cup of coffee? Or whatever you're having?" The words were out of his mouth before he had time to consider them.

She hesitated.

"Just because it's a beautiful day and I love your outfit. No other reason. " He smiled at her. She returned the smile, glancing down at his hardening cock. She was no fool.

"Why thank you, Sir. How sweet of you! I would love a cup of coffee with a lot of room for cream, and a ham and swiss panini. To go, please."

"Done. My pleasure. You have brightened up my morning!"

Hardened, too, he thought, as he tried desperately to control his cock, calm it down. He regretted wearing sweats as he stepped up to the counter, placed the order and paid.

They stood near each other, not speaking, while they waited for the orders.

"Panini, coffee and latte for Mike?"

He took his latte, surreptitiously (he hoped) grabbing a last look at her fantastic cock, outlined so perfectly by those blue shorts, and nodded at her.

"Have a great day!"

She smiled big (with those lips) but didn't answer. He headed for a table at the back, sat down and set up his laptop. He was just beginning to convince his cock to calm down, when she walked by on her way out, paused briefly at his table. He looked up as she tossed a card onto the table, without a word. As soon as her fingers left the card, she caressed her cock through the fabric. It all happened so quick, for a moment  he thought he must have imagined it. He glanced up. She gave him a wink and walked away.

Vanessa. That's all the card said. Just her name and number.

Jesus. His ass was twitching and he wanted to watch porn. He wanted to bring out his toys and give his ass some action.

What he really wanted was to discover precisely what it would feel like if Vanessa slid that sizeable cock deep into his ass.

He looked at the card again. Vanessa.

He loved urban living.


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