Podcast #232

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Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #232

❤ Patron/Donation update
❤ Anti-Circumcision responses: one for, one against
❤ He offers book suggestion for dead bedrooms
❤ I dressed him down a tad and he responded wonderfully
❤ He saw a pro for his first time and tells the story
❤ The guy who wants another pounding (#231) writes back
❤ He offers encouragement regarding censorship
❤ She did pegging with her partner, but didn't get off. Help?
❤ He names his dildo/condom/lube/tape creation the Phildo
❤ Comic Relief Message
❤ They tried pegging, he loved it, her - not so much
❤ He's looking for resources about dominance for his girlfriend
❤ He makes some very good points about men's undies
❤ He's wanting recommendations for a Bad Dragon pegging toy
❤ She shares her story about how much things have changed


American Circumcision - Documentary
The Sex-Starved Marriage - Michele Weiner-Davis
The Sexually Dominant Woman - A Workbook For Nervous Beginners - Janet Hardy
The Loving Dominant - John and Libby Warren
The New Topping Book - Dossie Easton & Janet Hardy
Podcast #112 - For the Women

Fuze Harmony
Fuze Tango Double
We-Vibe Tango
Jim Support Sex Swing


3 Responses

  1. Hello,
    I heard how you’ve taken my comment in your podcast and I liked your attitude in the answered. May our views can differ in some ways, but whatever, as long as we try to reach the best pegging session ever, exhanging on how to make it happens, as long we try to find on to be the perfect man to peg and on how to be the perfect woman to get pegged by, it will bé still awesome.
    Through this world that always have frontiers, we’re the pionners that showing that treasure that incredible experience that give so much sweetness in our lives. Pegging Paradise is a place where we can have enthousiasm to express that you’re not alone to like that, and perfect it. You’re unique, so don’t give it up Ruby..

      1. I told it about what you told in the circuncisium part of the podcast. It’s making one month I listen to your podcasts, and I got return Quick. Big up Ruby Rider.

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