Podcast #249

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #249

  • Patron/Donation update
  • Movember donations
  • Men's Cuddle Group in Pennsylvania
  • Upcoming CrossDressing and Bisexual Podcasts
  • Upcoming Webinar Schedule
  • He asks how to find a pro domme or a woman to date who pegs?
  • He updates us from playing podcast #112 a year ago!
  • She's thrilled to have found a pegging partner!
  • Pegging Celebration Time!
  • After a slow start, they communicate, peg, and she orgasms!
  • He's pretty adept at self play, shares method and fantasy
  • He loves podcast/writings - especially the crossdressing ones!
  • His idea to get more women interested in pegging
  • An unusual study in different communication methods...



5 Responses

  1. Oh Man!!!! I looked at that dick and swallowed hard!!!!! That is a monster….My wife said it would come out through my MOUTH!!!! LMAO!!!!! GREAT Pics Ruby!!!

      1. No kidding.!!! That is for somebody much braver than I am!!!! We are using the Fuze Harmony and that takes a minute to get comfy……I am 6′ tall and weigh 165 so I’m on the thin side and I am still in my rookie year of getting pegged. I would love to shake hands with the man who can take that baby and keep smiling.!!!!

        1. So – I know the default for male competition is bigger, faster, harder, etc…but length and width are preferences, not automatic goals! Whatever feels good. Whatever thrills you!

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