Distance Chastity Play That’s SAFE!

Cellmate Catastrophe

With the news about the Cellmate that came out recently, that anyone can hack into the device and lock up a cock permanently, I suspect there are many of you out there still searching for some kind of safe distance chastity play solution. One that will not require having an emergency pair of bolt cutters, or destroying the device completely to get free.

On the other hand, I can just picture you chastity-loving cock-owners squirming when you found out about the Cellmate security flaw. Thing is, many of you were squirming with excitement. The fantasy of being locked up forever can be hot and quite powerful!

The Fantasy of Being Locked Up Forever

Fantasies are awesome. Transitioning them into reality is unrealistic for some fantasies, however. Hence the bolt cutters. But that doesn't mean the thrill of the fantasy is any less. How would one enjoy distance chastity play in such a way to replicate much of the thrill of imagined inescapability, but safely? I attempted to figure out this puzzle with a new guy I'm interested in; Tech Man.

The Tech Man Adventure Begins

We met when he volunteered to be my chauffeur to an event down in Los Angeles where I was presenting. The conversation flowed between us during the long drive, and remained solidly in the interesting, easy and enjoyable categories. We connected well. Despite our lack of contact after the night we met, when the pandemic happened, Tech Man and I struck up a conversation online, and started to chat. That evolved into phone calls that began quite circumspect, and eventually ventured into kink. The subject turned to chastity and I noticed a rather instant spark of interest. Tech Man was definitely interested in chastity play. So we talked about the possibility of having some distance fun, and decided it was worth investigating.

There were a couple of prohibitively expensive designed-with-kink-in-mind lock up options that we discounted right off the bat. We talked about the Cellmate, but wondered if there was a way to turn one of the cages he already owned into a distance chastity play cage. The Cellmate involved spending $200 without any assurance it would fit or be comfortable. And there was that no emergency release when using the timer flaw. (In retrospect, I'm so glad we didn't try the Cellmate!) We searched for other options. Then I thought - what if the lock is controlled instead of the cage?

Smart Lock For a Cock?

I researched the basic category of smart locks, and found one that didn't require an app download by the locked up party, only the controller of the lock. And she who controls the lock, controls the cock. Heh heh. Tech Man and I talked about it at length, and thought this would be a good option. For it to work, he would need a simple but not flimsy box to put the keys in. Impressive enough not to be trifled with, but not ridiculously hardcore for those 2 little keys. There was a complicating factor of the diameter of the shackle not exceeding the limitations of the not-too-big-and-not-too-flimsy box. We studied it extensively and discussed various options, scanning the internet for possibilities. We said goodnight not having found precisely what we sought.

Morning came and I got a text from Tech Man. He impressed me at this point in our distance chastity play investigatory adventure (and I was already kinda likin' the guy). The same company that sells the smart lock also sells a lock that literally opens up and holds keys inside the lock. It's meant for Airbnb use. Why couldn't we use that and just eliminate the box? He asked. Excellent idea, Tech Man, excellent idea.

Igloohome Smart Keybox 3

This appeared to be an outstanding solution! The Smart Keybox 3 was still a tad pricey, but nowhere near the first models we looked at, and less expensive than the Cellmate. Plus, it would offer so many other options!! It can used for any chastity cage with a lock, for example. The Keybox 3 can be used for any key for anything, actually, which can venture completely out of kink territory...Like car sharing. How about a key to a locked snack/liquor/pot box when trying to change behaviors? Maybe a key to a locked dessert box when dieting! Or even a key to box of self-pleasuring sex toys, to ensure no prostate play takes place during chastity. Well, there we are back in kink territory again. Very versatile!

One thing I liked about the Keybox 3 is that I am the only one who would need to download the app, and that Tech Man would not require wifi to use it. When I wanted to give him a code to unlock it, I could send it over any texting app, social media platform, or even call and tell him the code. I could also specify a duration code, a one time code, or a permanent code. Yeah, not gonna do that last one (evil grin).

No Escape, the Safe Way

Distance Chastity play is exciting, yes! But getting off the internet is essential to avoid getting locked in unexpectedly. With the Keybox 3, you are only dependent upon batteries. You are alerted by audio and visual cues when the 4 AAA batteries need to be replaced (they are expected to last 12 months). A tone sounds and a red light flashes when you press the keypad. The only way to change the batteries is to open the lock and use the special screwdriver. So what if you let the batteries die completely? No worries, there is an emergency USB port to power it enough to use a PIN and unlock it. Even if you have the special screwdriver, the internal location of the batteries requires that you open the lock with a PIN, making it tamper-proof. I felt assurance that Tech Man's cock would be locked up securely.

Sturdy and Not to be Trifled With

The visual and physical aesthetic of the Keybox 3 is first and foremost, substantial. It is heavy and thick, definitely not the sort of thing you'd look at and think that you had any hope of smashing it and getting the keys to your cage out. I like that. It measures in at just over 1" thick, 6.5" tall and 4.25" wide. A collection of recorded videos show how the lock looks and acts when different things happen. There is an extensive FAQ section for troubleshooting, too. Kudos to Igloohome in that regard; their website is very helpful and quite comprehensive.

Fun Security Feature

Entering incorrect codes triggers an interesting security feature of the Keybox 3. The keypad is unusable for one minute, while an alarm tone sounds for 30 seconds. Put in another series of unsuccessful attempts and it locks you out for 5 minutes and plays the alarm for 60 seconds. You get locked out for 10 minutes and the alarm sounds for 90 seconds if you blow it again. The lock stays at that 3rd level indefinitely, making lots of noise and forcing you to wait to try again. Getting locked out completely cannot happen. You just have to wait to try again, and listen to the beeping. Here the fun part - the lock owner chooses the number of incorrect attempts that trigger the lock. This is a feature I can have some fun with!

Making it Harder

I picture setting it at 1, a nervous submissive blowing it and having to wait for his keys, and perhaps I've given him a duration PIN that only lasts so long. You see the inherent predicament! To make it even more interesting, you can make the Keybox 3 re-lock automatically when the cover is shut. The lock itself, when opened, has a delicate balance. The front contains the keypad and batteries, so it is heavier than the back. An accidental nudge (easy to do) can lock you out, especially if you have a one time code! You could set it on manual re-lock. You could set a reminder tone that plays if it is not re-locked within a certain period of time, too. But what fun is that? I want him to have a bit of adrenaline every time he uses the lock. Yes, I am evil that way.

The Lock in Hand

We met for lunch at an outdoor café to get things working and send him off with the lock. That was a bit of fun, to be sure. Sitting there, knowing that he was going to lock his cock up for me and I would have control of it was exciting. It always feels delightfully naughty talking about something sexual in public. I smile more when I know that everyone around me would be shocked or thrilled at the subject matter of my conversation.

I downloaded the app and synced it to the lock. It asked me to name the 'property'; reasonable question for a lock meant for vacation rentals. Well, his cock was absolutely going to be my property for a time. So I entered 'Ruby' as the lock owner, and Tech Man as the property. Then, it asked me to name the lock. Spontaneously, I chose 'CockLock', and much laughter ensued. 'CockLock Tech Man' showed on the screen that popped up. Perfect! We tested the issuing of the unlock PIN and it worked perfectly, so I sent him on his way with his exciting new lock in its box.

The Lock on the Cock

The combination was brilliant; the comfortable chastity cage Tech Man already owned and the lock to hold his keys. We had such fun with it! I allowed him to remove his cage for short periods of time. I asked him for proof of being locked up again. He got quite proficient at short videos showing him turning the key in the lock on his cage, placing the key in the Keybox 3, closing the cover, and waiting for the beep and green light, which signify a successful lock.

Cock Lock Success

Our improvisational use of the Igloohome Keybox 3 was a complete success, and one I would recommend to everyone who is dreaming of a safe way to enjoy distance chastity play, especially if you already own a chastity cage.

I have another adventure with Tech Man to share. I had the opportunity to indulge in one of my favorite thrills - clandestine public stimulation. His cock still locked up, we met for a delicious meal at an outdoor restaurant. I have long wanted to enjoy remote-controlled toys in a public setting, challenging my partner to keep his composure. Anyone who has read my erotica or taken my webinars knows that about me. Indeed! That's for next time...

Want to purchase the Smart Keybox 3 lock AND support Pegging Paradise? Tiffany over at EnticeMe.com will soon have them available for purchase! Get on the list to be notified first here, and thank you!

Update - Igloohome Keybox3 is great for distance chastity play, but the company doesn't want to get sexy. Igloo people refused to do business with us, concerned that their brand would be affected. So you can absolutely purchase this lovely keybox anywhere you like. Home Depot, Lowes, or even on the Igloohome website. Just be sure to leave a review clearly stating what you used it for and how much you like it!

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