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BDSM pegging

My Favorite Hobby

That boy so didn’t know what he was getting himself into. Most of them don’t. I guess you don’t ever really expect perviness…you just meet a normal person and then uncover it. I was completely immersed in Crime and Punishment, hidden away in the corner at the library. Apparently he saw me and couldn’t resist making contact. Sitting down near me he initiated a conversation about classical literature and sucked me in. Smart boy. Wavy brown hair, green eyes and a playful look that invited me to bite. I was surprised when he asked me out for coffee; a bold

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Power Play

Nash is a man in complete control of his world…until Amanda shows up. She plays a little rough and he loves every second of it. Nash tries hard to follow her rules. He succeeds…most of the time. Even when he fails…it’s a win-win.
Established couple with dominance/submission play.
6,200 words

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Ramping Things Up

Jack and Maggie are determined to keep their sex life exciting, even when work takes its toll. The internet aids in their quest, and when packages start arriving, the fun begins.
sexual exploration, sensual pegging, sex furniture, relationships, lite bondage
1700 words

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She Needed to Relax

He knew she’d had a stressful week, and decided to offer himself up for stress relief, with the ulterior motive of getting fucked. She switched things up on him a bit and they explore new territory together. Territory he won’t be able to forget for a few days.
1900 words
bdsm, D/s, panties, paddling

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Ruby Ryder pegging BDSM

The Beating

Listen to Ruby Ryder Read “The Beating” The smell of leather as I fasten the cuffs around your wrists and ankles is intoxicating and brings back memories for me. Every time. You are nervous. You’ve never been beaten before. But you want it. Because it pleases me. Before I brought you into the dungeon I gave you a butt plug to put in and a jock strap to put on. The plug is a pretty one, with a jewel in the end of it so that onlookers will see flashes of sparkle between your lovely ass cheeks as you twist

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The Envelope

Beginnings can be filled with so much anticipation and seduction. Finding the edges of where two people meet and exploring those edges can be amazingly erotic. That’s what’s happening here…and it all has to do with an envelope. An envelope that sets the tone for what is to come, and whom as well!
seduction, anticipation, D/s, panties, objectification, being a good boy
1000 words

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Ruby Ryder pegging BDSM - My Ma'am and Her Game

The Game We Play

“Benjamin? Come here, my boy. Let me play with you.” I’d just arrived home and had come into the bedroom to change out of my suit. She was mostly naked, draped over our leather reading chair, looking relaxed and sexy as hell. I knew what was afoot; the game we play. “Yes, Ma’am.” The glass dildo she held in one hand looked inviting. My ass twitched in anticipation, because that was unquestionably where it was going. I knew my Ma’am. I snatched the bottle of lube off the top of the dresser on my way over to her and held

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The Red Shoes – Betty

Betty is a rich housewife with two teenagers and an awesome husband, Dean. One morning she sheds the upper class expectations that come from living in an expensive gated community and allows her rebel to take over. Fun things happen! Red Shoes are involved.

rebelliousness, red shoes, new friends, sensual pegging
2000 words

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The Red Shoes – Dean

Betty’s husband Dean is sitting there working away when he gets her text. Game on! His favorite kind of game. The morning offers challenges that are accepted, inspiration, new heights of pleasure, and a tale about red shoes.

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What I Wanted

Jeff wants Emma to fuck him like she means it, but she’s still learning. She finds the proper motivation from a bad day at work, and Jeff sets the stage for it all. This is a time they won’t forget, one that forges a new path for them both.
2600 words
Dominance/submission, fantasies coming true, setting the stage, well-fucked

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