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Day 18 – More

More The unfeigned truth is that I want more More of it all More of the sounds you make when I’m inside you More moments when your face crumbles with the thrill of my invasion the surprise of it feeling so fucking righteous the sweet twisted sensation of your exposure I want more of it …

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Day 10 – The Sounds You Make

the sounds you make when I fuck you are the sounds only made by men who want it, love it wait for it breathlessly part whimper, part moan the rest pure abandon with a measure of deep yearning a soft, open beauty fear, pleasure and awe taboos broken apart with lust I pull your hips …

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Day 7 – The Curve of Your Ass

The curve of your ass is One of the most delicious things in my world I objectify the fuck out of it regularly I dream of what your ass will look like In all the positions I want to place you in For all the ways I want to fuck you Your hands pulling those …

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

(With Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore) Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a sex toy was stirring; we were still making out. The harness was hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that with dildo, it would soon pair. The dildos were nestled all nice in their drawer, in …

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A Little More

You ask for the larger one. As I slip the harness on you shyly ask if perhaps… I could fuck you with our biggest toy. I raise my eyebrows at your request. That toy can be fickle. It has delivered pleasure like no other… and also a little pain. If that’s what you want… That’s …

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The Tryst

beneath my closed eyelids…I remember I remember how we just stared at each other for a time when we first met much had already passed between us we’d shared so many of our deeper layers that all we did was look at each other and smile   I remember the look on your face when …

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First Time

  naked touch skin against skin smooth and hairy soft and hard lips touching lips   i hold you in thrall with my tongue sinuous and swirling touching places hot and hidden   sounds you make confirming your thrills as surely as your heavy happy cock   © Ruby Ryder (My 500th post…!)  


  I feel closer to a man after I’ve pegged him. I feel honored with the openness he allows me to see. It takes a strong, confident man to allow vulnerability and role reversal. His vulnerability is a gift. I never see him as weak. I don’t lose respect for him. In fact, I respect …

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Thrusting & Throbbing

  I feel you throb in my hand as I claim my space inside you I am in so deep that it’s like I come out the end of your cock.   ♥Ruby Ryder♥  


  laying on the bed waiting wanting willing the bathroom light illuminates her shape as she returns i catch a glimpse of her profile erect erotic endowed i can feel the pulse of my anticipation …everywhere   © ♥Ruby Ryder♥    

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