August 2011 archive

Aug 26 2011

Double Delight?

Search keyword: “can he fuck me while i peg him” I actually had to sit there, close my eyes and think about that. I mean…strapons do come in a variety of types and sizes and maybe if you put one on…well…no. The only way this is possible is the following: He is fucking you with …

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Aug 24 2011

Get Thee to Aneros

can a man have an orgasm through anal only pegging how to orgasm hands free orgasm cum whilst being pegged cum hands free pegging pegging orgasm I think the word is getting out there that some men can orgasm from pegging alone…the “hands free orgasm”. All of these search terms were used in the last …

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Aug 23 2011

While You Sleep

    while you sleep the smooth curves of your cheeks inspire wicked desires… those captivating cheeks (not the ones on your face) they are begging…I swear to you begging…to be gently pushed apart exposing the treasure of your sweet, hungry ass… my fingers are restless while you sleep  

Aug 22 2011

Welcome to Paradise

…for the new members that have taken advantage of my sale. I hope you enjoy it here and find much to tickle your fancy, turn your crank and frost your cake. In short…I hope you find more than just a taste of what you have been craving…

Aug 21 2011

Broken Link?

I can tell from my Google analytics that there are some of you who arrive at my website to find a broken link – could someone tell me where it originates from so I can fix it? That would be much appreciated…! Here’s a sexy picture to say thank you…    

Aug 20 2011

Her Strap-on Fears

Pegging…this thing we love and indulge in with such passion and excitement…requires equipment. Indeed, much has been discussed here at Pegging Paradise about the necessary equipment; lube, harnesses and dildos. Let’s back up a step, though. Let’s talk about the step between Convincing Her to Try It and the act of pegging itself.   She …

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Aug 18 2011

Christian Pegging redux

So a while back I wrote  short piece about discovering that someone found my website by putting in the words “christian pegging” and spent a lot of time perusing what I offer here at Pegging Paradise. I made some generalizations about Christians in that post. There were several comments back and forth in response. If …

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Aug 15 2011

Delilah Wood

I wandered across this during a particularly fruitful internet traversing evening. The One Time I Did This is a luscious two part piece by an (ex)pro dominatrix, Delilah Wood…about an encounter when she pegged a client. I found it riveting for it’s honesty and gritty and eloquent descriptions of both her inner and outer world. …

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Aug 14 2011

Search Silliness

And…the winning search terms for the week are:   These two have a common theme… “convincing her to take it in the ass” “her ass is so tempting but she doesn’t want anal ” I have long been an advocate of giving your ass up to a woman if you really want to convince her …

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Aug 11 2011

Pegging Paradise…

Where women are packing for more than just a vacation…  

Pegging Paradise