December 2011 archive

Dec 31 2011

2011 – The Men

As this year draws to a close I’m thinking about men. No big surprise there…I think about you guys a lot…what I’d like to do to you and with you. But I am getting distracted here. I’m in a mood to share, so here you go. In 2011… ♥ I lost a relationship that I …

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Dec 27 2011

Can I Ruin My Ass Fo-Evah?

This is a MYTH. Regular pegging will not ruin your ass. By that I mean you need have no fears of incontinence or a “too loose” ass from indulging in regular pegging pleasures. (There are extremes…I am not talking about over the top huge dildos or sharp objects tearing into your ass every night with no warm up. There are …

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Dec 24 2011

I Want One, I Want One

New harness…inspired a story! And here’s where to get one…   Spontaneity. We head out on the town for a light dinner and some drinks. Appetizers and a glass of wine satisfy us both. Neither of us are hungry; what we will be doing later distracts us from everything else. This is our night for …

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Dec 23 2011

Learn to Give Good Anal!

The Popularity And Perfectionism Behind Butt Sex The above article, in my opinion, was clearly written by a man who has never received or given good anal sex. I really, really hate it when people try to write about something they are not experienced in and have seemingly never really explored. …more than any other …

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Dec 18 2011

Of Parties & Pegging

I recently had a gathering for the holidays at my home. The invitation was extended  far and wide, so I enjoyed seeing friends I had not seen in too many moons. My house was filled with amazing people, laughter, delicious food, plentiful drink and a cozy fire in the fireplace. I love parties…especially my own. …

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Dec 14 2011

Private Pegging Classes

Exploring the intriguing and exciting world of pegging with your partner can be alternately thrilling, confusing, erotic and sometimes even scary. There are so many factors involved. Misconceptions, fears or concerns. The role reversal. The equipment. Tips and techniques for her. Tips and techniques for him. What to expect. What not to expect. How to …

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Dec 13 2011

New Prostate Toy!

Now entering the Anal Toy Arena… The “Nexus Revo”! If this doesn’t tickle your prostate in just the right way…I don’t know what will. One look at the motion and most men who are familiar with the joy their prostate can bring them start drooling…or leaking! Not on the market yet but to be released …

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Dec 07 2011

KPP’s Poetry

    This is a powerful piece of poetry sent to me by KPP. He was inspired by my post “An Evil Idea” and thought this piece dovetailed nicely with it. I absolutely agree. He kindly consented for me to post it. Thanks, KPP. Progasm – a slang term coined to mean the orgasm achieved …

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Dec 03 2011

Careful – She Bites…

This may be old news to some…but I just came across it on the internet. Rape is a horrible, violent crime. It’s one of those things we would all make disappear if we had a magic wand. In some parts of the world, the incidence of rape is staggeringly high…like in South Africa. They have …

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Pegging Paradise