Jun 26 2012

10 Things Not in Sex Ed

This is an excellent piece I wanted to share with you readers:

10 Things They Should Have Taught Us in Sex Ed

Well said, Chelsea Fagan. And eloquently written.

I would add one more:

11. Sex is meant to be pleasureable.

If your partner wants to do something to you or wants you to do something to them that you don't find pleasurable, or worse, is actually painful (let's set aside the 50 Shades of  Gray thinking for a moment here, please - we're talking to the newbies) you should refuse and not give into the "Everyone does this..." line that is sadly perpetuated by the fucked-up-ness of learning about sex solely through porn.



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  1. Yes, it should always be a mutual thing, and to each person’s liking.

    1. You know it really is that simple when you distill it down…but factor in the insecurities and naivety of youth and it can get complicated.

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