Aug 06 2012

Podcast #8

It's Hot, Baby....

Pegging Paradise Podcast #8

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♥  Do I like to receive unsolicited pics? Here's the skinny on that...

♥ What does an orgasm with prostate stimulation feel like? A reader weighs in with his experience. I like his math.

♥ Sweet newlywed success story! Patience pays off.

♥ This couple is well on their way to pegging - everything but the harness itself. He wants to know how to make it perfect for her? How to ease her nervousness?

♥ A pegging enthusiast from Columbia send a message!

♥ Another success story that required overcoming a too-large first dildo choice.

♥ Pegging porn may suck but it helped introduce this girlfriend to the concept. She took it and ran with it. Patience is emphasized again!

♥ August membership hot savings.


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  1. I do not know if it is on my end or not but I can only get the first half of this podcast, then it stops.

    1. Checked it and it works fine for me…re-download it?

  2. Ruby- your podcast is amazing. You are amazing. Thank you.
    As always, your friend,

    1. Thanks sweet Ryder, my brother from another mother.

      For my readers who are not in the know – go to my blogroll on the right and click on “NewRyder’s Strapon Log”. Ryder and I are almost the exact same age, spell our name the same and we obviously have a passion for pegging in common. Took the internet for us to reconnect after likely spending a previous life together…

      Go check out his blog. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

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