Double-ended Dildos

Read The Truth About "Strapless" Strap-ons

Strap-less Strap-ons, Harness-less Strap-ons, Double-enders or Doubles.

I've seen them referred to as all of the above. There are a number of manufacturers who makes these babies and they vary quite a bit. Let's take a look at what's out there....


Realdoe pic


The Feeldoe is perhaps the most well known and has a smooth shiny finish. They also manufacture the Realdoe, which basically looks more realistic in color and shape and has a matte finish. The Feeldoe is offered in varying sizes; Classic, Slim, Stout and More. The Realdoe is offered only in Classic and Slim (same measurements). Both models are offered with vibes and without. The vibes are not strong but some women enjoy them. The material used is 100% silicone. These dildos are quite firm - too firm for some users who prefer a softer, more gentle anal experience. The firmness of the toy does make penetration easier, however and can also make it easier to stimulate the prostate effectively. Some say the angle is not quite right for pegging. (Some say the angle is better for lesbian strap-on sex.) Other users have no such complaints and love their Feeldoe! The Realdoe is about the size of the Feeldoe Classic, and Realdoe Slim is about the size of the Feeldoe Slim. Made of a softer silicone than the Feeldoes, with a matte finish.





Fun Factory Share

Fun Factory Share

The Fun Factory Share comes in 3 sizes, the regular size as well as XS and XL. The matte finish on these toys means that when it's time to reapply lube - don't wait because it can be irritating on the tissues rather quickly. These toys are softer, have more give to them and are a bit heavier that the Feeldoe line. Some users complain about the floppiness. They are 100% silicone. The bulb insertion is larger which presents a problem for some women but is exactly what others prefer to keep it in more effectively as well as have more sensation on their G-spot. The XL seems to be quite a challenge size-wise for most receivers!

XS - Lengths of inserted parts: active part: 3.9" passive part: 5.5"

Diameter - peak active part: 1.37"   toy-peak passive part: 0.89"

Share - Lengths of inserted parts: active part: 3.4" passive part: 6.3 inch"

Diameter - Toy tip active part: 1.5"   Toy tip passive part: 1.38 "

XL - Lengths of inserted parts: active part: 3.4"     passive part: 7.1"

Diameter - Toy-peak active part: 1.49"   toy-peak passive part: 1.37"





Nexus Senior
Nexus Junior

Vixen Nexus

Another softer and more flexible double-ender, the main difference between this toy vs the Share and Feeldoe is that it was never intended to stay in without a harness. It was always intended to be used with one. The Nexus is offered in 2 sizes; Senior and Junior. A vibe option is not offered. Criticisms are that it is too floppy, but some say this can be a good thing for positions that are not a "straight shot", so to speak. This is another toy made of 100% silicone. The base of this toy where the dildos are joined can provide nice cushioning for those hard thrusting couples.

Senior: Curved side: 5-¼" x 1-¼" Straight side: 6" x 1-¾"

Junior: Curved side: 5" x 1-¼"  Straight side: 5-¼" x 1-¼"




Fuze Tango

Fuze Tango

Tango - 6 3/4" x 1 3/8" and 4 1/2" x 1 5/8".

Love the name. I had not heard much about the Tango, but find that it's sold in a couple of big name on-line retailers. Described as firmer than the Nexus but softer than the Feeldoe, some people say that the Tango takes all the best parts of the other models and puts it into one toy. This toy is 100% silicone and comes with a vibe. Can't wait to hear more..

Update: It was time for Ruby to get a double-ended dildo and she chose the Fuze Tango. Partly for the reason that it is touted as taking the best parts of all the others. I used it with the Spare Parts Joque harness. My partner enjoyed the feel of the Tango and it was not either too firm or too floppy. The size was good for him, even though he tends to be somewhat tight.

The bulb end fit nicely inside me, not too tight or too loose. Felt great. The vibe placement was excellent. Between the G-spot stimulation from the bulb and the vibe I had a lovely time. I did remove the weak bullet vibe and replaced it with a WeVibe Tango (below). Pricey choice but an excellent one. Love that little vibe; it packs a punch! Plus it is easier to get out of the dildo because it's a little longer. The Tango is totally rechargeable, too. Forget about the batteries.


WeVibe Tango


A Word About Bullet Vibes

The bullet vibes included with these toys are not very powerful. An experienced pegging couple recommended the rechargeable WeVibe Tango bullet vibe (3" x .625")as much more powerful. The Tango is a tad larger than the standard bullet (2.25" x .5") and will stick out a bit, but that does not seem to get in the way, according to a couple who have done this. The Tango is a top of the line bullet vibe - with rechargeable batteries, 8 different vibe patterns and it's waterproof!


Not Strapless!

You have probably heard me rant about this a fair amount - but I can't write an article about double-enders without mentioning the "strapless" part. For heterosexual couples who are using double-ended dildos for pegging, which I assume most of you reading this here at Pegging Paradise are, it is very rare to not need a harness. (This apparently is not the case with lesbian strap-on sex.) So if pegging is what you are doing, just ignore all the 'strap-less' or 'harness-free' claims...and feel free to admire those fetching pictures of women wearing a double-ended dildo and nothing else, but do not take them for reality.

Why is this so? Kegel muscles, no matter how strong, cannot compete with anal sphincter muscles. In addition, when a woman gets turned on and juicy - that is one more challenge to holding the toy in. Do not fall for the "if she has strong enough Kegel muscles she can keep it in" reasoning. The vast majority of women cannot use these toys without a harness so there is no need to feel less-than or like you don't have strong enough muscles. Needing a harness for pegging with a double-ended dildo is completely normal.


A Word About Lesser Doubles

I am not going to give serious discussion to toys like a long large jelly worm that you are supposed to stick in both people. Those toys are toxic and cannot be sterilized. Do not waste your time or money...and your health. There are a few others out there that cost less but you will likely find they are made of sub-standard materials. Do your research well if you are considering buying one. Make sure it is 100% silicone, phthalate-free and can be sterilized.

Update - there are now doubles like the jelly worms but made of silicone!!

Fun Factory Wave

Fun Factory Sonic


Whichever toy you use - please write and share your story...contribute to the collection of knowledge about pegging equipment so the next group of beginners can benefit from our trial and error.

As always - happy pegging!

© ♥Ruby Ryder♥



43 Responses

  1. In your experience, does the either the two strap (one around each leg) or the g-string (one strap thru the legs) provide more stimulation to the pegger than the other?

    The double looks more secure, but the g-string provides more direct contact to the vulva/clit/anus (unless it irritates this region more LoL). Thanks.

    1. The double is definitely more secure, which is why you will see it in the amateur videos but more often the g-strap style will be in the professional pegging videos because it frames the ass nicely for the camera.
      In terms of providing stimulation for the pegger – I have only found one mention of a g-strap style harness getting a woman off because of the direct stimulation and that was on a lesbian blog in an article about strap-on play. I am of the opinion that it gets in the way more than it stimulates, but I have honestly never tried a single strap. For hard thrusters it doesn’t have the same stability as a two-strap model, I do know that. I have heard mention that the single-strap model can actually get in the way of stimulating your lady parts, but in my experience I’m not doing a lot of stimulating of them if I’m fucking my partner…although taking a break once in a while and receiving stimulation is indeed a possible scenario.

      There are also way cool accessories like this that can take a double strap harness and turn it into a harness that will hold a butt plug in the woman or even a dildo. Although this link goes to a specific company – a few other places are selling these now so shop around if you want one. I keep meaning to try this with a vibrating butt plug. Sounds delicious…

  2. Ruby, Excellent post as always. The Happy Valley Tango does look interesting. There is a review about it on the Internet that was worth reading. One note, my feeling so far is that the textured matte finish on the Fun Factory Share can potentially be irritating on the anus regardless of making sure it is well lubed. A condom over the cock end of the Share helps alleviate the problem with the textured matte finish not sliding/gliding very well compared to the shiny smooth surface of the Feeldoe.

    1. Love_is (btw – one of my favorite movies ever)
      During my research I did come across similar feelings about the Share and its matte finish – that it could get irritating after a while. The reviewer stated that the moment you needed to add more lube it became very uncomfortable basically resulting in little margin for error in terms of lube application. Condom use sounds like a good fix.

      I’ve received the Tango and really like the way it fits inside me. Actually used it for G-spot play while masturbating. it has the shiny smooth surface like the Feeldoe. Soon I will get a chance to try it out and I’ll let everyone know how it goes (in him, in me, in and out, etc.).

  3. A quick word about the other type of double ended dildo that you called the “lesser double”. Fun Factory makes two body safe material, 100% silicone types like this called the Sonic and New Wave. So no need to buy and use the toxic jelly rubber types if you like this particular sort of play with your partner.

  4. Hi, which kind of harness should i take to use with a Share or a Feeldoe? Most of them have the o-ring quite high..
    What is your opinion about Gal Pal , seem similar to the Share but much more cheaper.

    1. If you look in my what’s the best harness and what’s the best dildo section of the FAQs you will find what I recommend. I actually recommend the Happy Valley Tango for a double – it has advantages over both the Feeldoe and the Share. And my favorite 2 harnesses are the Spare Parts Joque or the Aslan Minx – but many will work with doubles – just not the cheap ones. A lot of good harness are coming out now!

      I can’t do a better job of reviewing the Gal Pal than this reviewer.

  5. Hi,
    Great site. Just came across this doing my pre-peg research. A big concern of mine is phthalates. Is this something I should be worried about with any of these in the review?

    1. Do you mean that he would wear the bulb inside him and do you anally with it while you are having intercourse? That’s been tried by a few people using the double-ended dildos without much success. The double doesn’t stay inside him. I know of no couple that has done it successfully. There are some wild things from the fun factory that you might want to try – the sonic or the new wave.

  6. Dear Ruby,
    Thanks for all your previous tips in August. We are happily pegging.
    My husband and I are choosing a double ender, and we are between Share Fun Factory and Feeldoe original (fuze tango is impossible to find in Europe). He wants something longer than our Tantus silk medium, I would like better sense of dildo and control, as well as some preasure against my clit and g-spot. Don’t know about the vibe. Also, do you think those double enders are compatible with Sliquid silk? We use Sassy for now and I have to reapply it too often.
    Hope to finish our success story today, I’ll send it to you as soon as it’s ready.
    Have a sexy day!

    1. Yay! Happily pegging! Love hearing that news!

      Comparison? The Feeldoe is a bit too rigid for some people, and the angle is made for lesbians, which sometimes limits the functionality with pegging positions. The placement of the vibe is not so good and the bullet vibe they include is weak and ineffective but can be replaced with the WeVibe Tango bullet vibe to give ti some more punch. That’s the main complaints with the Feeldoe. The Share has been called – too heavy, too floppy because the connector between the bulb and dildo is too flexible and the dildo is heavy. The surface of the Share is a matte surface. This means increased friction which some guys like and some guys hate. It decreases the “we need more lube” window of opportunity to an immediate need. The Share has no vibe option, but I have heard of couples using the WeVibe4 in conjunction with the Share with excellent results. Oh – and the bulb is larger on the Share, some women complain it’s too large. Pay attention to the measurements.

      The double enders are indeed compatible with the Sliquid Silk – and get the regular kind – not the organic. I had a couple complain about the organic not working well and I only tried the regular Silk. I have a bottle of the organic coming my way to test and will talk about it on the next podcast. I agree with you – the Sassy doesn’t last long enough!

  7. I really want the Fuze Tango and the Spare Parts Joque. My wife complains that she doesn’t get any pleasure from pegging me and that our harness is uncomfortable. I want her to love it as much as I do. She’s a plus sized girl so it’s nice that they make it in a larger size. I am worried about the skill level required on her part for a double ender. Got any input for these circumstances? I love your website and how you take the shame out of pegging and present it in such a positive light.

    Yeah Baby!

    1. Be sure to check out the Sportsheets harnesses! They specially designed ones with input from some famous plus-size sex-educators. Don’t forget the coupon code ‘Ruby’ for 20% off…

      Suggestion – Make sure to get the WeVibe Tango bullet vibe to go with the tango dildo – the clit vibes are awesome.

      I fixed your cool images!!! LOVE THIS!!

  8. Hi Ruby. Awesome site(s). I recently discussed pegging with my wife, after much time debating on how to approach her. She’s all for it, and I can’t wait!

    We want to get a double and are leaning towards the Vamp Duetto and/or the Mantric Sysil Edge (though it seems short). I like the Duetto because the business end is almost the same size as me. We also wanted to try using the double for DP (if possible), so the bulb end would go in me. I know you stated this has never been done successfully to your knowledge, but I was thinking of using a harness, or modified underwear to help keep it in place. Any thoughts?

  9. We have a “vintage” Malibu Terra Firma harness, which has a flat pad behind the O-ring. For a double-ended dil, should we simply cut a hole or slit in the pad so the female end can fit through that opening?

    Vibe question: some bullet vibes are bigger and better, but are the vibe openings in the implement all the same size or does the fit of the vibe get tighter or stuck?

    1. I am familiar with the Terra Firma – it’s a good basic harness – well made. I suppose you could cut a hole it it to accommodate the double, but I can’t guarantee it will not compromise the integrity of the harness…
      As far as I know, the holes are all pretty much the same size as far as width. When I recommend the WeVibe Tango bullet vibe, it will sometimes stick out a little from the hole because it is longer than a normal bullet vibe, but it never gets in the way or is a problem. In fact, it makes removal from the dildo easier.
      The only exception to this that I know of is the brand new Fun Factory Sharevibe which has a larger proprietary bullet vibe slot. Don’t know why they thought that was a good idea – The WeVibe Tango cannot be improved upon, and their bullet vibe may have 5 speeds but it pales in comparison to the Tango.

    1. If you are talking about laying ass to ass and just moving back and forth (like in the porn movies), it might be okay for ass to vaginal or ass to ass. But if you are talking about actually pegging someone, you won’t be able to keep it in and even with a harness, the angle is all wrong.

      1. Hi, do you think the Fun Factory New Wave is better than this ‘straight’ double dildo, for both pegging and ass to ass fucking ? Or can these porn positions be forgotten with a Feeldoe and its many ways to play with ?

        1. I have never seen the appeal of laying ass to ass and scooting around. I’m glad The Fun Factory came out with a substitute for the silly toxic jelly worms, but I still don’t get it. Why lay there scooting back and forth when you can strap one on and really fuck someone? And btw – the feeldoe, and all other doubles, require a harness.

      2. Hi again Ruby,

        Regarding the double ended dildo

        Yes I would like to lay there with here butt to butt, I know it is not straight “pegging” but it is a fantasy to have the same toy inside both of us at the same time, even if it is only a one off, Ass to ass could be pretty special. I don’t see how we could do that with a harness.

        We have a harness and have tried some smaller toys for proper pegging which has been positive, the only issue being length can be difficult for the smaller toys, and I want her to feel as well, I am only intermediately experienced, so need to be slow and not to big.

        We got a Feeldo and she has also warn the Feeldo without a harness, it worked out if he was on top face to face with her, and he/I in I guess “Cowgirl” position, it worked well for me, but to much grinding became uncomfortable for her. I see this as a good toy for being inside both of us, but not the same as the fantasy of the double ended dildo 🙂

        I definitely find being the one to ease my ass onto the dildo much more pleasant than having her insert, and I found the on top position the best for insertion by quite a bit.

        We have started to look at prostate bilking and any other toy advice greatly appreciated.


  10. My wife just used her feeldoe on me for the second time. My bum hole is leaking lube and she has not been in this good of a mood in awhile. I love giving her orgasms this way, while I am left wanting more. I want to get my hole waxed and start wearing panties full time and I would love it if she placed me in a chastity device. I feel like such a sissy right now, my legs are still quivering and I can’t wait for the next time!

  11. Hi Ruby,
    My boyfriend and I have a FunFactory Share and are trying to figure out a way to get clit stimulation for me while using it. We’re looking into the spareparts harness but I’m wondering if you think the spot in the harness for the bullet vibe would still work with the positioning of the crest of the share’s shaft? Would there be a better way?

  12. Hey I was looking for a double ended one altough we are quite new to this world I think she should enjoy it to the fullest as well.

    After a lot of comparing I was quite ok with the “fuze tango”… But then another comment made me look up the “wet for her union”.
    This last one is made for lesbian sex but looks interesting because it is supposed to be bendable in shape. That looks like a good aspect and made me think. Since the fuze one is shaped it doesn’t look ideal to hit the p-spot in let us say doggy style for example.

    Any ideas about that please?

  13. What is the absolute biggest (for the receiver) available at this point?

    Ideally would prefer one with a vibrator, but if need be without.

    Have and love the Happy Valley Fuze Tango but have one bottom that is a complete size queen and needs something considerably bigger.

    Does such a thing even exist?

  14. My lady and I have devised a fun alternative to using a harness, with either the realdoe or larger realistic toys.

    A close fitting pair of high-cut daisy dukes with an open fly provides just enough support to hold the double-ended in her, without restricting movement or being complex to set up. Just insert into her and slide on the shorts. It holds her end in with a nice bit of upward pressure and looks hot as hell when her juices darken the faded denim.

    Using the bigger dildos with suction cup bases, the button fly can be opened or closed enough to hold it firmly, and the base puts pressure high on her clit.

    Sometimes she’ll greet me wearing the shorts with the suprise tucked inside, with my bulge soon matching hers.

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