Podcast #8

It's Hot, Baby....

Pegging Paradise Podcast #8

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♥  Do I like to receive unsolicited pics? Here's the skinny on that...

♥ What does an orgasm with prostate stimulation feel like? A reader weighs in with his experience. I like his math.

♥ Sweet newlywed success story! Patience pays off.

♥ This couple is well on their way to pegging - everything but the harness itself. He wants to know how to make it perfect for her? How to ease her nervousness?

♥ A pegging enthusiast from Columbia send a message!

♥ Another success story that required overcoming a too-large first dildo choice.

♥ Pegging porn may suck but it helped introduce this girlfriend to the concept. She took it and ran with it. Patience is emphasized again!

♥ August membership sale....hot hot savings.


4 Responses

    1. Thanks sweet Ryder, my brother from another mother.

      For my readers who are not in the know – go to my blogroll on the right and click on “NewRyder’s Strapon Log”. Ryder and I are almost the exact same age, spell our name the same and we obviously have a passion for pegging in common. Took the internet for us to reconnect after likely spending a previous life together…

      Go check out his blog. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

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