October 2012 archive

Oct 31 2012

How Does it Feel?

What does an orgasm feels like with combined prostate stimulation (pegging) and cock stimulation? How does an orgasm like that compare to a “normal” orgasm?   Here are a bunch of men talking about exactly that!   A while back I raised the question in the reddit group r/pegging and the answers are quite amazing …

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Oct 30 2012


  laying on the bed waiting wanting willing the bathroom light illuminates her shape as she returns i catch a glimpse of her profile erect erotic endowed i can feel the pulse of my anticipation …everywhere   © ♥Ruby Ryder♥    

Oct 29 2012

Podcast #20

Pegging Paradise Podcast #20 ♥ Some Women like “playing hard to get”. It has some awful consequences. Let me tell you about them. And then you can tell me what you think. ♥ Readers answer last weeks question: “When you started pegging, what was the one thing that you experienced that you never expected? The …

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Oct 22 2012

Podcast #19

Pegging Paradise Podcast #19   ♥ Let’s talk politics – and I make a promise. ♥ Dating and trying to decide when to reveal your kink to potential love interests? I share my thoughts about that. ♥ Choice quotes from readers and listeners ♥ Vanilla to Pegger – One Man’s Story ♥ Caption Contest Winners!! …

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Oct 22 2012


I know you are waiting! I just moved my office, reconnected my computer and am back in business amidst the boxes.  Too many boxes. I’ll have the podcast up by late tonight. With the Caption Contest Winners!  

Oct 20 2012

The Kiss

  the earthquake inside will not be stilled my chin in her hand the kiss oh god the kiss perfect meeting of lips and tongues promising an 8.0 Richter scale hinting at more than I can imagine hers just….hers.   ©Ruby Ryder  

Oct 19 2012

Caption Contest!

Create a caption for this photo, place it in the comment section below. Limit 50 words. Make it a good one. The winner receives a one year “I Want It All” subscription to Pegging Paradise!   Here’s the other caption contest. Winners announced on Monday’s podcast!  

Oct 18 2012

Lessons Learned

  It was an unexpected day of lessons for me. When there is work inside me that needs to be done – I trust the universe to send me a reminder on a regular basis until I deal with it. Never fails. Like a cleanup crew. I got one of those today. Interesting how words …

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Oct 18 2012


I really want to make one like this one year – maybe this will be the one!  

Oct 17 2012

Bless the Jock Straps

Inspired by National Ass Day…This one is to appreciate all the men who wear jock straps. Thank you thank you thank you.  

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