Mar 07 2013


closeup missionary


I feel closer to a man after I've pegged him.

I feel honored with the openness he allows me to see.

It takes a strong, confident man to allow vulnerability and role reversal.

His vulnerability is a gift.

I never see him as weak. I don't lose respect for him.

In fact, I respect him more.

I have a certain amount of awe for a man who will let me fuck him up the ass...



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  1. I will share this with my wife and see what she thinks… thanks for sharing this!

    1. I love it when i write something that one partner wants to share with the other…

  2. I did share it with my wife…..she loved it.
    this is our favorite position.
    she enjoys the feel of my warm orgasm on her hand and her fingers.
    She (we) enjoy when she wipes my come all over my belly and chest.

    1. Nice! I like that feel of come all over my hand, too. The eye contact with missionary position is the best, isn’t it?

      1. absolutely, we maintain eye contact…all the while she repeats to me to relax and just let it happen. I do as she says and soon lose control to her…willingly. my eyes close and my head tilts back “letting it happen”…her control, her pace. its just awesome Ruby!!

        1. This sounds so beautiful. Thanks for painting that picture for us.

  3. Hope to meet a great woman who thinks this way someday. Great picture Ruby.

    1. I love this picture. Reminds me of what I would like to be experiencing but am not at the moment… :-/

      1. One you will meet someone you’ll be crazy about, and be able to share this experience regularly Ruby.

        1. I am so looking forward to that day!

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