Do I objectify men? Absolutely.

I look at the tight ass of the young man in the supermarket and wonder what it might be like to fuck him...if I could make him moan, make him come.

I objectify men in my mind with no apologies.

I fantasize about introducing guys I see to pegging and making them cry out with pleasure.

It makes walking around in the world much more fun.


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11 Responses to “Objectifying”

  1. Lars says:

    I’m totally fine with being objectified like this!

  2. Charles says:

    I need someone to objectify me.

  3. BobP says:

    I wish you would have a conversation with my wife, maybe share some thoughts about the positive aspects of “pegging” She has no interest in this realm of play. & although I don’t subscribe to “pegging myself” frequently…I would love to have her on the other end, there is much more to the whole of “Pegging” than an ass full of toy!

    • Ruby says:

      If your wife is open to it – this would be a good read for her. It’s what I enjoy about pegging. Gradual introduction to anal play seems to inspire some women when they see how intensely a man orgasms with prostate stimulation. Read this – “Convincing Her to Try It” – it might help. I totally agree; it is much more than asses and toys.

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