Jan 10 2014

All Silicone Not Created Equal

"Take your sexuality by the horns, and hold manufacturers to a higher standard."

If you've been hanging around Pegging Paradise long, you know that silicone is the way to go for most sex toys, because I talk about avoiding toxic sex toys on a pretty regular basis....but as the title of this post says - all silicone is not created equal. Here is a brief article explaining the different types of silicone, and why you want Platinum-cured.

Thanks to Mr Will's house of Thrills.

Oh - and the quote above is his - love it!



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  1. Heya Ruby! Just saw the pingback and I’m glad you liked this enough to share it! 🙂

    Hope it helps some of your readers!

    1. You are quite welcome! Concise and informative – happy to link to it.

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