Podcast #73

Perfect Pegging Girlfriend
Perfect Pegging Girlfriend

 Pegging Paradise Podcast #73

❤ Top 100 Sex Blogger Once Again! Rori's Between My Sheets
❤ Podcast Suggestions - check out some other bloggers!
❤ CCon East in DC will include Lucas Brooks!
❤ Donation update and thanks! ($610)
❤ Women's Best Erotica 2014 is out!! I am a published writer!!
❤ His girlfriend is a pre-op transsexual woman - which harness??
❤ Another man shares his story about his visits to a pro…
❤ Back to pegging after the surgery and sent a pic to share! (that's her above)
❤ Time to ditch the cheap toys and get something quality - a little help deciding?
❤ In pegging, when is too big...too big?
❤ Pegging Celebration time!
❤ Pegging helped her open up to anal, too!
❤ Ruby's Orgasm - Happy New Year!

Charlie Glickman from Charlie Glickman.com
Lady Cheeky from Smut for Smarties
Lucas Brooks from Top To Bottom
Ferns from Domme Chronicles
Maggie Mayhem from Miss Maggie Mayhem

Women's Best Erotica 2014
Ruby on Amazon Kindle


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  1. Ever given any thought to becoming a pro Domme yourself? You seem to be well versed in many of the areas and have a genuine interest (and lust!!) for “services” that clients would seem to be seeking…and you’d get PAID!!

    1. I have. Two reasons it wouldn’t work for me. One is my age. Despite all the lovely compliments I get on my photos, fact remains that I’m 56. Not interested in being the older domme with the fading beauty. But more importantly, BDSM play, for me, is inextricably intertwined with pegging and sex. I’d want to fuck everyone I beat….and well, that’s illegal where I live. Plus, I get very intimately involved with my partners – I’d have to detach as a pro. Not good at that….

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