Feb 23 2014

Podcast #77



 Pegging Paradise Podcast #77


❤ DC fundraiser update - goal (more than) achieved! Thank you all!
❤ After a less than successful first time, she's refusing. He's still hopeful and meanwhile, he has an Aneros.
❤ Another vote for a VCH piercing/double dildo combo - Awesome!
❤ Patience, information and communication are still not working for this man. She found pegging porn - which certainly didn't help.
❤ Ruby learns a new acronym - HOCD = Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
❤ She caught him watching the pegging videos again and flat out asked him if that's what he wanted. I think we will be playing the music for this couple soon!
❤ Harness/double dildo compatibility questions - she wants control.
❤ Fingers too short to reach the prostate?
❤ Absolute refusal to continue pegging (they were pegging quite happily) inspires him to withhold oral from her. Dangerous territory...
❤ Wife with no libido refuses not only pegging but sex. This is not okay to expect him to continue on with no sex....!
❤ Suggestion - podcast directed specifically and exclusively to the women - Great idea.
❤ Fun Factory Share bulb end perhaps a bit too big for her... 🙁


Double-Ended Dildos

Caption Contest!!!


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  1. The panty harness you were looking for the name of was the Sasha. Sexiest thing with a silicone cock

    1. Thank you! The Sasha is beautiful – no question about that.
      Love this:

      Sexiest thing with a silicone cock

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