May 10 2014

Day 9 Orgasm 10 & 11

At my feet...

At my feet...

...Doing my bidding.

We call the guys Tom and Jerry.

Tom had been my lover for some time and was enthralled with my complete control of his orgasms...and his ass. We'd been out to dinner earlier that evening. He'd been wearing his favorite plug at my request. Dinner was light, and we washed it down with smooth red wine. Tom occasionally squirmed in his seat.

He drove me home while I rubbed his hard cock through his pants until I felt a wet spot.

We walked in the house and Tom was quite surprised to find Jerry there, laying on the couch, naked....stroking his sizable cock. Tom's glance at me had gratitude and surprise written all over it. He'd dreamed of this, talked about it ever since we met. His favorite fantasy was about to become a reality.

I pushed Tom over the back of the leather couch and quickly had his jeans around his ankles. I gently pulled his plug out and motioned Jerry off the couch. Handing him a bottle of lube I motioned to Tom.

"He's all yours."

I settled myself in my favorite overstuffed chair and watched the show. I hiked up my skirt and slipped my panties off, all the better to tease myself.

Jerry put 2 and eventually 3 of his large fingers inside Tom, eliciting groans of pleasure that made me even wetter.

Finally he eased into Tom, starting slow and gentle...and eventually pounding him hard against the cool black leather until there were streams of Tom's come all over it.


Yeah. This one was good for 2.



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  1. nice! fantasies are great.
    Her watching, approving and masturbating makes it so friggin’ hot!!

    1. yeah – that’s what I thought… 😉

  2. Very sexy! Been back a few times now to read that one. 🙂

    1. Come back anytime (pun intended).

  3. This is a very big fantasy of mine and my wife’s we just need to get over the butterflies to make it happen wow the images make my mind go crazy.

    1. This is one of my favorites, too! Glad you enjoyed it and I hope it becomes a reality for you one fine day (or night).

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