Oct 04 2014

Podcast #91

Google Trends Pegging 10-14

Google Trends Pegging 10-14

Pegging - An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

Pegging Paradise Podcast #91


❤ As a Pegging Sex Educator - sometimes Shit Happens
❤ Bisexuality Awareness Week - Belatedly
❤ Cheap beginner toys = Tantus Grab Bag
❤ Width vs Length - he's puzzled why the shorter one is not comfortable
❤ Another smackdown of a substandard toy
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!!
❤ They are just beginning to really play, and it's awesome
❤  He's infatuated with her after 24 years of marriage - it's all about the pegging!
❤  He's finding more women into pegging than he expected on a dating site
❤  His anus clenches up when he's excited about pegging and won't let go. Not good when pegging doesn't happen. What to do?
❤  She's new at pegging, leans submissive and her BF is asking for dominance, and isn't allowing her a learning curve. Advice?
❤  Ruby has found her favorite Lube!!! Sliquid Silk!



Sliquid Silk Organic

Sliquid Silk - Regular

Njoy Purewand



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  1. Hmmm…interest in pegging begins to rise (pun intended!) in parallel with the dawn of “Ruby Ryder’s Pegging Paradise”? Coincidence?

    I think not.

    1. Awww…I would LOVE to take all the credit!

  2. Hi Ruby,

    Love the blog and appreciate all the advice and information. Your podcast hit close when you mentioned your ex-bf who fell within some spectrum of bi/curious. I can identify with him in that I am romantically and sexually attracted to women, but experience sexual attraction and fantasies of men as well. I have no interest in dating a man, but see sexual activity with another man as another means of experiencing new and different sensations. Terms Ive seen to describe men include full-on bisexual, curious and heteroflexible. As Im sure you’d agree, the concept of three strict categories for sexual orientation is inaccurate. I think a more appropriate title may simply be “mostly straight.” I do think that there is a change slowly taking place to recognize the spectrum of romantic and sexual orientation, but like all things, takes time. Thank you again for leading the discussion!
    From a mostly straight guy,

    1. Thanks for you comment, “mostly straight Mike”. I totally agree. Sexual orientation is a three dimensional spectrum, best as I’ve been able to figure out!

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