May 13 2015

Day 13 Orgasm 15

I like being the bad girl.

I love doing the fucking.

I like running the fuck.

I love having a man who is eager for me to fuck him.

I like fucking him for a long, long time.

I love the look on his face while I fuck him.

I like feeling the sweat run down my back.

I love it when he asks for more.

I like fucking him until he moans.

I love fucking him until he comes.

I like fucking him whenever I want.

I love knowing that his ass is mine.


Nothing specific last night. A melange of memories and fantasies - too many to choose just one. The above encompasses them all. I enjoyed a sweet, rolling orgasm with my fingers in my pussy.



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  1. so well

    1. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

      1. do u have a wechat or other contact ways?

        1. Email is the only contact I have and I don’t spend a lot of time talking one-on-one with people. A bit too busy with writing deadlines, etc. Thanks for asking, though!

          1. I have already got ur email~it is so good a time~
            I am in China,there is fewer persons to known pegging~sigh~

  2. Nice thoughts Ruby. Im sure I speak for many guys when I write in response….

    I instinctively love a bad girl.
    I want a bad girl to take me.
    I want a girl to f**k me for a long time and be hers
    I love being f****d and the agony and joy it brings
    I love knowing that she will control my coming
    I love knowing that I will crave her strapon some more
    I love knowing that she will take me when she wants to
    I love knowing that my ass is the property of a bad girl

    1. This is hot, Peter…Thanks!

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