Day 12 Orgasm 14

Brent Zeus Lash Magazine
Brent Zeus Lash Magazine

Okay, admittedly this photo is a bit of an indulgence. When I see men that look like this, incredibly beautiful, full lipped, sensitive and vulnerable, my dominant side is very inspired.

I envision taking that young man, tying him down, and having my way with him. He is simultaneously loving it, and hating it, unable to stop himself from responding to my erotic play. Whether that play be spanking his ass, fucking his ass, grabbing his hair, or riding his cock, the specific situation would determine that. I guess it's just the distinctly sensitive look I see in this young man's face, that makes me want to push a little further, see how vulnerable he can be, see how much I can open him up. Fucking a man like that is a thrill. So sensitive. So responsive. And… So fucking beautiful.

That's all I needed last night.


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