Jan 04 2016

Podcast #121



Pegging Paradise Podcast #121

❤ Suggestions for what to call your strap-on besides cock and dick...
❤ What toy feels like getting pegged while fucking his wife?
❤ They own the Share and no harness. How to get her to orgasm land?
❤ Where he can get a good dildo made to specific measurements?
❤ An option for the man with a large penis who wanted a hollow toy.
❤ He wondered if he was gay. A gay friend came over to help him figure it out.
❤ More options for fucking yourself when she's not in the mood!
❤ He's looking for a prostate toy that tickles his testicles, too!
❤ She's new at domination & pegging, wonders about aftercare
❤ The story of how Mistress slowly persuaded him to try pegging.
❤ EZ's suggestions for finding a pegging partner drawn from his own experience!
❤ What is Ruby's favorite position redux!


Craig's List Ad Suggestion
3D printing to replicate a cock!
Bad Dragon video by Gritty Woman
Bad Dragon Wearable Werewolf Sheath
Aneros Forum for Orgasm Type Information

Vibrating  Prostate Toys to wear during intercourse
Je Joue Nuo Remote Control Butt Plug - App driven!
Hugo Prostate Toy - Remote Controlled Sense Motion
Bruno Prostate Toy (same as Hugo but no remote)

Toy to combine with Share for vibrations
We Vibe 4

Bullet vibe for pockets of Spare parts Harness
We Vibe Tango


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  1. We went for calling it her sheweenie. With a soft e. Pronounced more like how Wayne and Garth would say SHEWING! Not pronounced like she-weenie.

    1. I LIKE that one! Whimsical. Brings a smile to my face immediately. And no one will know what you are talking about!

  2. we named ours the lady lingham

    1. …for the international flair!

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