The Magic Formula?

Could this be the magic formula you men have all been waiting for? Read this and see the logic behind the method. For you men who are looking for a relationship and want a side of dominance served with your pegging - this is actually one of the best ideas I've heard yet.


I placed an ad on in the M4W section explaining that I was looking for someone who is naturally dominant. Then, I explained who I am on a VERY normal level. I'm educated, enjoy playing music, love making new friends and learning new skills, etc. Towards the end of the post, I just mentioned that I have some submissive tendencies.

To put it another way, I filtered out anybody who isn't naturally dominant and might not accept my submissive kinks. I also offered just enough information to pique their curiosity, which if you know dominant women, you know that if you don't give them the whole story, they'll go looking for the other half of it.


Granted, you have to carefully sort through the basic craigslist crazies and use caution. But hey, this might actually work! I encourage  whoever is inspired to try it to write and tell me how it goes. The man who figured this out now has a sexually compatible wife, a drawer full of panties she bought him and he gets pegged regularly. There's some inspiration for you...


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    1. Glad you are happy – this really could help a good number of men who are looking for dominance and pegging find partners. Thanks for sharing it with us!

      I purposefully schedule my posts to publish at 11:11 when I can – I just like the resonance of the number. You took it seriously with your wedding! Great story.

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