Oct 29 2016

Podcast #147



Pegging Paradise Podcast #147

❤ Registration is fixed! Thanks, Johannes. 🙂
❤ Patreon thank yous
❤ Pegging Gangbang Interview feedback. Y'all really liked it.
❤ Jaguar vs Minx harnesses - compare and contrast
❤ He's very tall, she's not - help with doggie style??
❤ Best Suction Cup Dildo to ride? Vibrations? Curved?
❤ He treats us to their erotic sexting
❤ Her harness didn't fit right and she wants more stimulation!
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ After years of solo-play, he just asked her to fuck him one night
❤ He confessed his desire to be fucked - it didn't go well 🙁
❤ Removing odor from toys

Aslan Jaguar Harness
Aslan Minx Harness
Liberator Arche Sex Pillow
Liberator Heart Wedge Sex Pillow

Suction Cup Dildos
Real Nude Suction Cup Dildos - dual density

Prostate Vibration Toys
Lelo Hugo
Lelo Loki
Lelo Loki Wave
Aneros Vice

Firm Curved Dildos with cup adapter
Tantus Tsunami
Tantus G-Spot

Dildos for Clitoral stimulation
Fuze Harmony
Fuze Wilde
We-Vibe Tango Mini Vibe

Podcast #112
Removing Odor From Dildos - Scott at Square Peg Dildos
Tantus Toy Baking info - scroll down to "Products'

minx-3-doubleup minx-4-doubleup minx-5-doubleup

minx-1 minx-2


















Above pictures are of my new Violet Aslan Leather Minx with the doubleup cuff!

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  1. Hi Ruby, I truly loved the story about the wife breeding out and man mating her husband with bisexual gay candy! The fact that she was willing to be a back seat driver made it all the more loving.

    My question is what was the term you used to describe the experience? When I broke it down I couldn’t understand its origin or meaning. I would of thought at least the word homo (meant in the clinical sense) would have been in the term.

    Please enlighten me? Don’t forget I can be a bit anal when it comes to terms due to the nature of my work and I like it when people say I’m anal because it has new meaning to me 🙂

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