Removing Odors From Silicone Toys


As we all know, sometimes things can get a little messy and when that happens, odors can be retained in the toy. I'm talking about excellent quality dildos (because that's all I use). I've tried many things to remove that odor with little success.

Here are two solutions!

Bake it in the Oven

If your toy is simply a 100% silicone toy with no inner vibration mechanisms, you can put it in the oven! Bake it at 350 F (176 C) for half an hour, and that should take care of the odor.

What about if there are inner vibration mechanisms?

Acetone Wipe Down

Purchase a bottle of pure acetone at the drug store - labeled "professional maximum strength 100% acetone". Quite inexpensive. Wipe the toy down (makeup pads work well) thoroughly.

Softer toys are more prone to odor retention.

(Acetone method credit to Scott at SquarePeg Toys.)

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  1. I’ve always used a bleach and water solution, soak ’em anywhere for a couple hours. I think I do much more than a ten percent bleach solution, but it’s always worked for me. I put the toy in a medium/large bowl (depending upon the size of the toy) pour the bleach over the toy till it’s about 1/3, 1/2 covered and then fill the bowl till about 1/2 or more full with extremely hot tap water. Rinse, wash with soap as normal, works great for me. Or, with my lazier method: I always find that upon removal of a butt toy that if anything is on it, I immediately clean it off and fill the sink with hot, antibacterial soapy water and let it soak till whenever I want to finish cleaning it. I clean it as normal, allow to air dry. I’ve heard that Tantus recommends baking their toys to get smells out. Definitely have to check out this Acetone method.

  2. I’ve checked some chemical and engineering resources for silicone/acetone compatibility. Silicone is graded as ‘conditionally resistant’ (for example – here) to acetone exposure, even ‘poor compatibility’ in some manuals*, and there are some recommendation for removing silicone caulk with acetone. So it’s better to use small amount of acetone for a short time and probably better on a harder material, not a softer one.

    *) but these manuals are about industrial-grade installations and long-term exposure.

  3. I am a bit confused on how acetone relates to acetate. The nail varnish remover I found contains acetate, not acetone, and it does not seem to be particularly effective in removing odor. Looking at Wikipedia, the substances seem to be unrelated despite their similar names and, apparently, their similar usage. Can someone enlighten me?

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